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Going To The Chapel...

05 September 2010

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One week from today I get to marry the sweetest, most handsome, studliest, smartest, bravest doctor/best friend/hand holder/secret keeper/bug squasher/pancake maker EVER.

This is the first picture I ever saw of Jonathan. As most of you know, we met at church for the first person, BUT we actually came into contact through e-harmony. Yeah, there it is, I said it! For those that don't know the story, here is a short summary. Both our families urged us to give the site a shot (in different ways and for different reasons). Jonathan's sister Jennifer had met her husband this way, and a couple from my dad's church had met through the site and had only good things to say about it. We were matched and decided to speak via facebook since neither of us were sold on the dating website. It turned out we had one friend in common on facebook....which was Jonathan's sister Jennifer. Jennifer was also part of the couple from my dad's church that he knew had met through e-harmony. SO, in a way, it was because of Jennifer and Ryan that both families encouraged this approach to finding someone with equal morals and interests to date.

Jonathan had been attending my church and in the end we actually met face to face there. I pretended not to notice him that first Sunday he came after we had been talking through e-mail. We nearly lost our chance because I was afraid to talk to him, but right before I left I doubled back and we had a decent conversation which led to a date, which led to me knowing (that night) that he was my future husband. I let him know this the next week and somehow it didn't scare him off (I think he thought I was joking)...... now, 4 days after our 1 1/2 year anniversary we will become husband and wife.

Jonathan is the most amazing man I have ever met. He has the sweetest heart and he feels for other people before he thinks about himself. He is genuine and selfless, a daredevil and a little mischievous. He has the most killer smile, and most beautiful eyes that sparkle when he is happy or up to no good :) I am so thankful that God thought enough of me to pair me with someone so incredible. I am so excited to become his wife and helper, and to be part of his amazing family. I feel so special and blessed and incredibly humbled and thankful.

I love you Mr. Slater.
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  1. You're already making me cry!! Tears of so much joy and happiness for both of you!! Love you!!

  2. Aw, me and my hubs got married Sep 4th 2010!! and shortly after i started to blog! love it

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