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Marjoram? (aka "Wife Lessons")

25 September 2010

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Yesterday I dove into the great unknown that is meal planning. Spending the better part of morning scouring the internet for edible meals for the husband I felt very proud having amassed a suitable list for the week. Fall is upon us, so I chose several rich & creamy dishes to warm our bellies from the crisp, cool weather that is settling around us. I made my shopping list and headed off to Meijer with confidence.... which quickly turned to frustration and confusion. Where are the dried french onions? What is a round steak? Can anyone tell me where you find the cornstarch? And has ANYONE ever heard of a little ingredient called marjoram? You haven't? Well, neither had the SIX people I asked in the store. From a particularly feisty pair of grandparents I was told that I was pronouncing it wrong, that I was in fact looking for margarine. When I tried to explain that I had not written it wrong, and I was searching for something pronounced MAR-JAH-RAM I was given a confused looks and furrowed brows. I politely excused myself and then seriously thought I HAD written it wrong when I asked at least 4 more people to no avail. I found the french onions after (literally) 5 passes of the entire rows of the store-- they are in the canned vegetable aisle. Cornstarch can be found in the baking aisle, and round steak is just steak without the bone. Marjoram? Well, folks. It IS real after all....

Marjoram or sweet marjoram (Origanum marjorana, formerly Marjorana hortensis) is a perennial in the mint family that grows wild in the Mediterranean region, with 90% of the world’s supply coming from Egypt. Note that the genera names Origanum andMarjorana are used interchangeably by some. Marjoram is also called wild marjoram, as well as joy of the mountains and wintersweet.

Long story short, marjoram is pretty much the same thing as oregano. Marjoram is slightly sweeter and less punchy than oregano. Who knew right? Now that I have that figured out, I have all the ingredients I need to make a week's worth of wholesome meals. Each night I will try and document making these meals, and let you know how they tasted. Feel free to cook along with me, or better yet let me know what YOU are eating this week and pass along any of your great recipes! Here are some pictures of the flour/sugar canisters I bought and a picture of our kitchen so far...

Happy weekend!

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  1. Ashley,
    This is really good, I always said you were/should be a writer. See I'm not always wrong! :)
    Love you more than you know.

  2. I agree with mom. You should work on a book of some kind. Maybe a story about....

  3. We should trade recipes! :) (I've got to be better about blogging.) We're trying to keep out eating out budget under control, so I've been cooking more at home. I too have been scouring millions of websites and blogs for new recipes to try.

    Also--we recently had a discussion on marjoram and how ridiculously random of an ingredient it is.


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