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My Hair Is a Nightmare.

26 January 2011

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Sometimes, when I actually brush my hair and take the time to style it, it can be pretty like in the below photo.... 

But often, it is just a hot mess like this. This is what happens if I try and blow dry my hair from wet.  Usually I just have to let it air dry into a tangled mess and then pick through it.   Also, why is one of my eyes blue and one black?  Maybe I am some kind of robot....

I really commend you women who get up early to curl or flat iron your hair just right. 
My husband can vouch, the general public is lucky
 if I take a brush to my hair before venturing out.  
The messy bun that I wear right on the top of my head, 
that all my Clinique co-workers made fun of me for,-- 
--is my best friend. 
 I also have perfected the low side bun 
with a few pieces of styled hair pulled out around my face.  
It is laziness on a genius level. 

Now, I would like some sympathy because I am driving 4 hours to go take a look at the cottage we could be living in for the next 13 weeks. I will be having a lot of THIS while listening to THIS and wishing I had THESE to munch on. (alas, husband and I ate the entire batch!!)

Solo road trip, whaaaaat.

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  1. oh hi hair twin.

    Welcome to my world.

    When I decide to brush through my hair I have to do it in the shower after loading it with cobs of conditioner..because it has literally gotten to the point where I CANNOT comb through my hair while dry. It is a nest of horror. I dont know what that means..but it is bad.

    Collin is lucky to see me with my hair styled once a month.

  2. I just read another post about messy hair! It can be a very attractive, natural look. Hair never looks pretty when flat-ironed to death, anyways.

  3. I think your hair is lovely! I have super straight hair that I sort of brush. I can't always do much with it.

  4. i just took a solo road trip too! 7 hours from LA to san francisco. (tooo far)
    there will be lots of good thinking time (especially if you're listening to bon iver... that'll do it...) but on my 7 hour drive back i was driving myself crazy so i bought an audiobook.... it was like magic! all of the sudden i was home.

  5. At least your's isn't super flat like mine. I have to try really hard to get any body at all!!!

    PS: I am so in love with that first photo. Pure loveliness.

  6. My hair is in a bun all day, every day =(
    I hope you take lots of pictures of the cottage!! Drive safe!

  7. Wow...that first picture is just divine! I love it!! Is that from your wedding??

    I sometimes wish that I had more body to my hair! Mine is stick straight, but super frizzy! YUCK!!

  8. guys thanks but sometimes I think I would trade my hair for straight in an instant!

    and the road trip gave me a little bit of a panic attack... I will tell you all about it in my next post.


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