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27 January 2011

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My trip didn't go so great! 

I saw a lot of amish just driving their buggies around and hanging out in their fields.
Also, a lot of old men ice fishing on the ponds and lakes.
These things are fine.

The problem was the "cottage".
It's not a cottage.
It was more like an extension of someone's house.
I mean, it isn't attached BUT it is 8 steps from the door to the main house.

There is no cable.
The owner talked about upgrading to DIAL-UP internet.
Are you with me?!

Next, he told my husband's company he was buying new furniture.
It is all furniture from the basement of the main house.
It might actually be from the set of that 70's show, it looks the same.

There is a fireplace, but we couldn't use that because it would burn the pilot light out.
Also the owner believes that fireplaces never work, they suck the heat out.
Also, you have to flush the toilet often or the water gets rusty because, 
the cottage is sitting on a well.

So I left and immediately contacted my husband, the company, etc.
And currently they are looking into other options for us.

If I am going to live in the middle of amish country,
I am going to need some cable.
And I have online class so this dial-up nonsense....not so much.

So that means we will be homeless for a short period of time.
Oddly enough, I am not really stressed out about this.
Progress friends, ...progress.

More updates to come!
& prayers are welcome!!!

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  1. o.m.g.

    that sounds like my absolute worst nightmare. worst.

    you must be traumatized. I would need a long hot bath and some high speed internet to get me through that experience. for reals.

    I am proud of you for staying calm. way to be.

  2. Oh no! I would've freaked out and considered lighting the town on fire. You're a calm person.

  3. sounds horrible and a little like the situation i had visiting my dad's 80 yr old cousin in Myrtle Beach and staying in his "guest house" was basically a small hotel room from the 70's and smelled of basement. it was attached to his garage. it was free and we had AWESOME access to the beach...but i think that was the first and last time we'll be staying there.

    p.s. glad you like my wednesday posts...i get all the images from

  4. Oh no that's totally a bummer. C'mon people, if you're gonna advertise it as a cottage, at least make you sure you know what a cottage actually is! Sheesh!
    I hope they find something waaaaay better for you guys, with high-speed!! =)

  5. Your life sounds lovely to me. Enjoy it. You know it will all work out. Enjoy the ride...and keep blogging about it b/c its HIlarious!

  6. Oh no!!! I'm so glad you made a drive to see it so you knew!! I hope you guys can figure something out soon. Are you going to stay at hotel Slater until you find something else?

  7. yikes! i am SO SAD for you. it sounded so nice and perfect- cottage on the lake. so sorry! are you going to live in hotels? or what? in your car? ah! i think i'm freaking out for you. you'll find a place. isn't it so scary and perfect at the same time to be in Gods will? :)

  8. GUESS WHAT?! They found us another cottage, this one is in Indiana (near Shipshewana...)

    details to come, but we are so excited about this new one!!!!!

  9. Ohhhhh no!! So sad that the cottage was NOT fabulous!

    So excited about this new one that y'all found!! Let us know!! Cable is a necessity!!!

  10. cute, cute blog.
    I like it.
    Your header is the best thing ever. :)
    -Rylie from


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