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Our Engagement

12 January 2011

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I was editing old pictures and I love these so much I am going to have to backtrack and share our engagement story with you, dear blog world.  I guess I first need to admit that I knew I was going to marry my husband on our first date. Literally that very night I called a handful of friends and told them that (sigh of relief) I had met my future husband (and oh how happy I was that he was perfect and wonderful and I wasn't going to have to settle)!   I told him that I was going to marry him on our third date, sufficiently scaring the life out of him.  After a few months of adventures, deep talks and some serious making out he decided he couldn't live without me either.  I knew he wanted to marry me too and I was waiting for him to propose...for what seemed like years.  In the end, he surprised me--totally caught me off guard when he knelt down on one knee during an impromptu trip to Chicago...

 My husband's family was going to Chicago for a shopping trip
 and at the last minute, we decided to tag along.

 We visited the famous "bean"...

 and explored the city...

 and that night he surprised me by taking me to dinner 
at the John Hancock Building
at the  very top is a superb restaurant.
At this point, I still had no clue what he had planned. 

 I was enjoying our beautiful view when all of a sudden....

He came around to my side of the table and got on one knee.
I told him to stop it.
And then he started his speech.
I told him to shut up.
He kept going.
My ears starting ringing.
I don't remember a thing he said besides "will you marry me?"

 Of course, I said YES!
And he had his brother-in-law hiding in the restaurant 
taking pictures as the whole thing went down...

I was so excited I didn't eat a bite of my dinner...
Later he told me he was going to wait until we had eaten,
but was just too excited to wait any longer.
Afterwards, we went down to a lovely carriage ride through the city.

and I couldn't stop looking at my beautiful ring...

Our carriage took us to Navy Pier...

We rode the ferris wheel...

 and took in our breathtaking view...
and generally just did a lot of smiling and laughing...

  I was so thrilled that it was actually happening now....
I was going to get to spend my life with the best person I had EVER known.

We took a cab back to our hotel...

after waving goodbye to navy pier...

and had cheesecake from the cheesecake factory with his family.
I didn't sleep all night long, as I layed in the hotel room with family members sleeping everywhere.
I was just too excited.
The next morning his 4 year old niece came to lay in bed with me and said 
"you are going to marry jon-a-fun?"
"yes, I am"
"because he's the prince, and you love him"
"yes, that's right"
"and he loves you very much too?"
"yes, he does"
and she nodded her little head in approval.

I will never forget that conversation with her.

 And the rest, as they say... is history.

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  1. awwww I LOVE this story. so precious. and the pictures are just lovely.

  2. Beautiful photos of Chi-town! Congratulations again!

  3. such a sweet story and great pictures. you and your hubs are the cutest little couple. can't wait to find my "prince."

  4. Megan&Faith-- thanks!

    Beth-my now niece is obsessed with disney princess's so that is how she had it figured out in her head. It was precious.

    Alycia-thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed the story :)

  5. AH so fun! we love chicago. so so much. such a neat place to get engaged. ours was beside this big lake in Georgia. and i knew it was coming the whole time- my one request? surprise me. he failed. big time. but that didn't stop me from saying a big, HELL YES! to him ;) haha

  6. awwww SO much fun!! What an exciting and adorable story, I'm in love with it!

    Where are you from?! I'm right outside of chicago, and although I'm completely, 100% biased, its the best city in the entire world.

    What a wonderful story you have to treasure and share with your kids one day : )

  7. k-- we have to cut the boys some slack. sometimes they just don't get it.

    mckenzie-- you can be biased, chicago IS pretty great. Maybe minus the winter :)

  8. thats a pretty awesome engagement story.

  9. this made me awww out loud! such a sweet story.. and great pictures :)


  10. Bridget-- thanks, I am glad he took the time to make it something really memorable!

    Laura-- THANKS :)

  11. what a great story :) I love it!

  12. your blog is so great! and this is such a cute engagement story!! i told my husband to 'shut up' when he proposed too :)

  13. Yep, I cried reading this.


  14. New follower and just reading through your blog! Great story - we got engaged at the Hancock Building too! Love it!

  15. Love the engagement story! Chicago is where my best friend and I realized we were in love and that we would be together forever. I am from Indy (3 hours south of Chi town) We had a romantic double date with some friends at the john hancock building and it was awesome seeing your engagement take place there! Chicago is one of my top favorite cities! Love your story and I plan to follow! I need to be as exciting as you, I currently have a blog but dont keep up enough! I am in Okinawa Japan, waiting to travel back home to reside on the west coast, so i know the traveling ways! Look forward to reading more!

  16. Oh my gosh! This was such a beautiful read.. as were parts 1-4 as well. :) You two are sooo lucky and I am so happy for you both. :P

    - Felicity x

  17. Just went through and read y'alls entire love story!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!! <3

  18. this is the absolute cutest thing of all time! love it!

  19. This story makes me sooo happy for you! I love that you included the convo with the niece! I especially love that part!


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