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24 January 2011

Pin It's COLD!
This is a picture taken last night of the temperature as it read in my car.  Two degrees. Two tiny little degrees.  Is it worth it, 2?  Just give up. We are on to you. 

When you are at the point when you are so cold that you aren't sure if your face has gone partially numb or you have suffered a mild stroke, seeing 2 degrees is just adding insult to injury.  Those two little pathetic degrees are just mocking you.  Taunting you and your 5 layers of clothing that are literally not doing a thing to keep the two degrees of warmth in the air inside your overpriced-had-to-have-it-Northface jacket.

Two degrees, I hate you.

Thankfully, I have de-thawed enough to be able to type  again, and most of the feeling is back in my fingers.   I am very glad for that because I finally have news about the next location my husband and I are moving to.  It isn't that exciting because it is still in this state, and it is a tiny little town...

HOWEVER, this means we have decided to continue traveling (we promise the next job will be in another state...somewhere cool and extremely warm year round).  We are excited to continue to explore the country and see new places, and for now that new place is Sturgis, MI.  (Basically in Indiana).  So we are off at the end of this week &--don't worry blogger friends, I will let you know if it is great or awful or somewhere in between.  I am not so sure though, this town doesn't even have a target. That is like, blasphemy!  They do have a Walmart and Kmart....nothing more, besides a Subway and a Burger King. I don't think I can stress hoe TINY of a town this is.  We will be living on a cottage on a lake though. This could be good or bad....

details to come!

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  1. no target? I don't understand....

    you have 8 months to get to california..

    ready, set, go.

    oh and a cottage on a lake sounds AWESOME! seriously. I would take it. now get a dog so he can swim in it..preferrably a lab or golden so we can stay friends.

  2. yes the cottage sounds fun, except the lake will be frozen and we won't get to enjoy it really. BUT we won't have neighbors which means we can full blast the surround sound.


  3. I'm sure it'll be nice. You'll be about an hour away from Elkhart.

  4. I don't think you can go wrong with a cottage on a lake... =)

  5. That sounds so pretty.. but oh man no mall or not even target.. when i was away at college all we had was a walmart and i saved a lot of money haha.. the cottage sounds so peaceful tho! :)


  6. Chicago has been awfully cold, too. I hardly check the weather, these days. It's too disheartening. :)

  7. no target! oh no! but you'll be in a cottage on a lake, which sounds so lovely! you can just do a lot of online shopping!

  8. lake cottage?! AWE. SOME.
    i'm in indiana! lafayette. we're not fans, but we're also not living on a lake cottage, so that would probably greatly increase our loving for the midwest. hope the move goes smoothly!

  9. Ah the simple life. You guys are going to have a blast together. Speaking of blasts.... what's with this cold blast freezing all you poor North Americans. Stay warm lovelies. Hot Chocolate & Baileys is the only way to go!

  10. I do agree with you all that the cottage might be nice... but what if it is a crummy one with like lots of old smelling cushions and spider friends? !!

    and no water pressure? I mean it IS a vacation cottage.... let's just say our fingers are crossed!

    and I might save some money without a target! but I am going to have serious withdrawal!

  11. The cottage sounds fabulous!! I honestly cannot imagine what 2 degrees must feel like...I think I'd die if I ever saw that in my car! We are at a "freezing" 45 degrees! Haha!

  12. i tried to find your email address to answer your comment- but i couldn't :\
    we are in lafayette because i'm from here. my family is here and after james graduated from school in georgia, we moved back to my home. we go up to chicago quite frequently. i can give you some great restaurants and bars to go to if you want! we love it there! are you guys close to chicago?

  13. Lakeside cottage? Yes Please! :)

    No Target? Total tragedy. :(

    I can't believe it was only 2 degrees...that is completely NUTS! I'm pretty sure I've never even felt two degree weather.


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