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I Was Almost Murdered... kind of.

22 February 2011

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Edit:  If you were her earlier and saw my post about sponsor spots, please do not be dismayed...
I have been rethinking the sponsor spots.
I want to keep my blog FUN for me,
so for now I will not be doing it.
However, don't be surprised if I change my mind in a few weeks.


Since Sunday's ice storm the snow has picked up with no stopping in sight.   It has been really beautiful and given me a lot of time to clean up our fort (sad, I know...but we're going out of town so it had to be put away), read and finish schoolwork and put away piles of laundry. It was yesterday when I was folding our laundry in the spare bedroom that I heard a distinct THUD.

 Now, with all the ice, lots of branches has been breaking off the trees and hitting the porch/cottage but this thud was a little different.  I walked through the house to the front door and decided to open it.  We HAVE had crazy cats running around making noises too so I thought maybe one was outside.  I opened the door, and my heart dropped into my stomach.  FOOT PRINTS.

Do you see them?  

They went from the front door,
down the sidewalk,
into the driveway,
and up the lane.

I freaked on the inside.


I started walking from room to room checking to see if I could see anyone, and once I got into the third bedroom and looked out the blinds, I saw this. That was no murderer.  It was the UPS man.  And once my adrenaline rush subsided I went back to the front door and found the package he left.  I then figured out what had happened: he got stuck coming down our half a mile lane and WALKED the rest of the way to deliver my victoria secret bathing suits (which aren't cute and have to be sent back anyway...ugh).  He was stuck in that spot for about 45 minutes.  Here is a better picture with my "spy" lens. It is really just a zoom lens but I feel like a spy with it.

Poor guy, I am not sure how he ended up getting out but I don't think he will be heading down this lane if there is snow again anytime soon.   After thinking I might die I decided to go outside and take some pictures of the ice and snow.  They all turned out so pretty I can't choose (as usual) so here is a winter picture overload.  I hope it makes you feel better if you are in a warmer climate at the moment.  If not, then you can share my pain at the BITTER cold we are stuck in.

Our still frozen lake..
Does anyone know what this plant is?  It was bright red, and looked so pretty against the ice!

This Picture Looks Like Christmas...

Back yard trees...  so pretty with the snow on them...
You can see more HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

The snow this week has really made me appreciate the fact that I will be in 80 degree Orlando weather in two short days.  We have our fingers crossed that everything works out so we can make it to the Kennedy Space Center in time to see the last space shuttle launch of the Discovery.
And I can't wait to find some goodies to bring back and share with all of you.

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  1. We have those red bushes! They are dogwoods. Native to Michigan. We like them because even in the winter, they give color!

  2. i love that red plant! cool picture.
    i have to admit- and you're going to hate me- i like snow. i'm not sick of it. if it's going to be below 40* then i prefer it. whats the point of being cold without the only fun part to the cold?! i know, i usually stand alone, but it looks gorgeous up there! :)

  3. Oh my gosh I would have panicked over the 'stranger trying to kill me' (aka UPS man) too! I have such an overactive imagination sometimes... your story made me laugh. (:

    Your pictures are beautiful... I love that red plant all covered in ice! How awesome you're going to Orlando to watch a shuttle launch... my husband and I really want to see that sometime. Enjoy the warmth!

  4. thats hularious! and its so hard to picture ya'll in a winter storm while i'm in 65 weather! crazy!

  5. HAHA! You sound just like me. :) I would have totally thought it was a serial killer. What can I say, I watch too many Lifetime Movies.

    Those snowy pictures are fabulous! But, so sad for your poor UPS man. :( Hope he didn't contract frostbite trekking through that snow. Teehee.

    And booo for not cute swimsuits. & I haven't even started thinking about swimsuits, yet. I don't think I want to. ;)

  6. Hahahaha...this made me laugh! I totally do the same thing! I refuse to answer the door unless I know that someone is coming when I am home alone.

    Love those pictures! It is in the 70's here!

  7. I really would completely hate you people in the warm weather if I weren't flying to some myself tomorrow!


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