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Juicy Babies & Cupcakes

20 February 2011

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Yesterday we got finally got our camera back when we went to do our laundry.  I maybe never told you but after doing a few loads here in our cottage we noticed a strange brown spotting all over our clothes.  We figured out that it was rust in the pipes...which means that unless I want to stain and ruin everything we own we are going to have to do our laundry elsewhere.  Joy of Joys.

Also, we can't use the water to cook with because there is literally so much rust....we also smell like metal after showers, and brushing our teeth with the iron infused liquid is a special experience.  But really, besides this and the 10 wild cats that fight outside 24/7 we can't complain.

Back to the reason for this post:  We got our camera back so now I can share all the adorable pictures of my nieces 1st birthday!  Also, we are going to Disney in a mere 4 days and I will be MIA in the blog world for about a week...  so I am trying to make up for that with my weekend posts.  (Not sure if it will work).  Anyhow, despite every one feeling kind of sick, including the husband who has the stomach flu, we had a great time.  I don't mean to overload you with photos, but really how I am supposed to choose?!  You will see what I mean:

Baby Kloey, 6 months

She has just started showing little teeth. It is so cute.

Rylee was the cutest little birthday girl ever.   She is such a sweet little chunk and she waddled everywhere in her tutu.  Also, I love these antique photo effects.  Can't get enough! 

Rylee LOVED her balloons, and so did her cousin Landon.  Landon will be 2 in April, and of course we will have an equally fun/loud/chaotic birthday party for the little Mr. Man.

Some of my favorite pictures were of the gorgeous (I am a cupcake fanatic, okay?) and equally delicious cupcakes Rylee's mama, Kristin made!  "1" for Rylee and "6" for Kloey!

These were as good as they look. 

Little girl birthday parties are the best.

Dancing and that ever elusive picture of the all of the grandkids followed.
Any parents out there will understand HOW HARD it is to get a group of children to smile on command at the same time.  It is a riot in the Slater home because 9 adults are usually jumping around, whistling and clapping their hands as one person tried to snap as many pictures as possible.  It gives me a new appreciation for those poor photographers that have to go to elementary schools and take class pictures.  God Bless Them. For us, THIS picture was as close as we got to everyone facing the camera and kind of smiling.... 

 pictures of little girls in pink and purple? cute OVERLOAD.

And, of course, no one upstaged the birthday girl... It makes me excited to have a little girl so I can dress her in a tutu and have pink dresses/cupcakes/decorations galore!

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  1. Okay those cupcakes are ADORABLE!!!!! I love cupcakes. We are going to have them at our wedding in lieu of wedding cake!!!
    And the tutu pic is soooo sweet! I just bought a tutu for my college roomie's little girl on the way! She was ecstatic when she opened it :) I can definitely relate to your comment about looking forward to having a baby girl! I hope I get blessed with one some day as well! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics!

  2. The tutu is adorable. For J, I cant get enough tutu's.. they're magical. Great picture as well! Did you take these pictures?

  3. Yeah Jess, I did take them! I can imagine JaLynn in tutu's....with that gorgeous curly hair! I bet you can't stand how cute she looks!

  4. awe your camera came home! awesome report. crazy about the pipe thing, i used to live in a really derelict like old building and had copper pipes that would actually turn my blond-ish (at the time) hair a green tinge. ug, made me move out but quick!

    awe, your little orb angel of a niece is adorable. and cupycake goodness has my mouth watering buckets. happy disney trip, hope the hubs feels better asap, boo stomach flu!

    tu-too pretty! xo ♥

  5. What cute pictures! It kinda makes me want to have a little girl party for myself. All the pink and fluff and over the top goodness. Too bad my birthday was last month.

    And what a bummer about the rust. :[

  6. Awww! What sweet babies and what a cute party! I love all the pics! Happy you got your camera back...YAY!

  7. I can't believe that y'all have to do laundry elsewhere! Yikes! That stinks!!

    Those pictures are adorable...I love a little girl in a tutu!

  8. Man that SUCKS about your rusty water!! I am so sorry!!! Precious little pictures though. :) Have a great week girl!

  9. THANK YOU for all the rusty water condolences! :)

  10. ahhh such cute pictures!! and those cupcakes look amazing. so sorry to hear about the rusty stuff...that stinks :( we sometimes have random orange spots on our clothes...almost like bleach only we don't even have any bleach in our house...i wonder if it isn't my mister's hair gel?!? eh who knows. i hope your problem gets fixed soon though friend :(

    thank you for all your sweet comments! as far as the scarf...i used the sewing machine to make it all. it is actually the first thing i have ever sewn. i bought a machine not too long ago because i've really wanted to learn...only i can hardly find the time...sad bear :( i hope you had a beautiful weekend :) xoxo

  11. Awwww cute little party! Makes me want a baby girl now! haha :)

  12. Booo for rust, hope it is ok:-)

    And the pics are adorable!


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