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Butterfly Gift Tie Ons {Craft}

23 March 2011

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Hold The Phone,
Shut the FRONT door,
and Butter my Biscuits....

I have a craft post to share.  I actually took the time to take pictures.

I Know.

These cute butterflies are very cute, fairly simple and add a special touch to a gift. What is even better is all the possibilities, you could do this with stars, flowers, animal shapes, rattles for a baby shower, etc.   You will need:  a few sheets of scrapbook paper in the colors and prints that you want, a hot glue gun, twist ties from a bread bag and any extra pieces you might need to make your design special.  For these butterflies I used bronze metal that you can find in any jewelry making aisle of a craft store.


Step One:
Cut out your shapes on several different sheets.  For the butterflies, I cut out enough to have four layers of paper for each butterfly.  

Step Two:
On one cut-out you will slice two small holes and run the twist tie through.  Next take your hot glue gun and glue the remaining layers on.  I glued my metal butterfly "antennas" 

Here is what your holes should look like before you start layering the rest of the paper.

Step Three:
Add details.  I added my metal "antennas" and purple body....

Step Four:
Pull and bend each layer out to create a fluttering effect and also so you can see all of the different layers of pretty paper...

Step 5:
Puncture two holes in your gift bag and attach butterflies.
Add some twine and complimenting ribbon to tie up the bag and TA-DA...
custom gift bag, done.

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  1. Very cute idea!!! and simple!! love it!!

    Check out my blog, I am giving back to one lucky follower - a piece of jewelry made by my sister!! Good luck!!

  2. These are so, so cute! I love making simple things look a little sweeter with some pizazz like these adorable butterflies.

    J's grandma has a butterfly room in her house so adding these to a gift bag would make her day!

    I am following and loving your blog... And left you a little award over at mine!

  3. They are adorable and I LOVE buterflies! :)

  4. Oh my, this is just too cute! I love that you paired it with the plain brown bag's the perfect mix of plain and classic with a little fun added on.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am not crafty... like not even a little, but these are adorable! and I could probably even handle making some....

    I just had to come over and say OHMYGOSHILOVEIANSOMERHOLDERTOOO!!!!
    was that too fast and excited?!
    I seriously had a picture of he and Nina Dobrev as my computer wallpaper until my sister in law pointed out to me that it was "stalkery". It was because they were just out in public together!


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  7. what a cute craft for spring! thanks for sharing : )

  8. Love this! Looks so fun and easy! It really dressed up the bag!
    Great DIY!

  9. Thanks guys! I was pretty proud myself... mostly because it is the first crafty thing I have done in a loooong while!

  10. What a fabulous and cute craft idea!!! I love this and will definitely be doing this for gifts I give!


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