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31 March 2011

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Spotlight on sponsors (and I am one of them) today at scenic glory!

What's that?  You need more pictures of the cute baby Bella?
I mean, I don't really have any....
It's not like I have been taking pictures of her EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR.
Well, I don't know, maybe I can find a few laying around here...

Such a sad face after her first vet visit....

It is such a hard life...

"Mom!  Enough pictures!  I am sleeping!"

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  1. AH, I totally understand this! Now if you flip through my phone will essentially see my puppy's timeline of the past few months. She's our first child :) HAVE FUN!

  2. oh my goodness ash i love her so much.

  3. I love her name and I love HER! I want to squeeeeeeze her and love her and snuggle her.

    I'll settle for doing so virtually. ;)

  4. oh my word how adorable is she?! seriously, ashley, dogs are cute and everything but she's one of the cutest

  5. Yeah. It's official. Bella is the cutest puppy ever.

  6. ok i am in LOVE. in LOVE in LOVE! i need a pet. i have been thinking about this a lot lately. my fish and stuffed bear Charlie aren't cutting it while my boyfriend is away for baseball season. i might need to email you and hear how yall went about finding that sweet little fluffpuff. ugh, im so jel

  7. Its sad to say that I think I take more pictures of my bulldogs than my children :) Puppies are so cute though!

  8. Love the name!!! And she is soooo precious! I am so excited for all of these puppy pictures!

  9. Bella is quickly becoming my favorite blogger pup! Love her! So cute :)


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