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I want a puppy. Like, NOW.

28 March 2011

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Dear blog friends, please help.

I have decided I want a puppy, pretty badly.  And I have worn my husband down to the point of not saying "NO!".  He may be considering it, if I can find a perfect puppy for us.  I like maltese and malti-poo.  Basically, I want a poofy, fluffy dog that looks like an EWOK teddy bear.  I am having a HARD time finding legitimate breeders and listings.  Most seem to be a scam.

SO I NEED YOUR HELP!  Do you know anyone selling these types of puppies?
Do you know a great website?

I am hoping someone out there can offer some kind of advice, or point me in the right direction!!
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  1. Oh Girl...please do not get a puppy! It encourages breeders. I have seen first hand what happens with breeders. Most of them are breeding in less than desirable conditions. There are sooo many dogs euthanized (or put in gas chambers!!) every day. If you look hard enough, you may be able to find a dog like you want that you will have saved from death!! Search for that breed and rescue groups. Most major cities have different breed rescue groups. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now, I just feel REALLY strongly about rescuing dogs and not going out and buying them.


  2. My mom's best friend has a maltipoo and she's adorable! I think they bought her somewhere in VA, but they said to be careful because of all the scams. Good luck finding a precious puppy!

  3. I would suggest searching for "rescue" leagues rather than a breeder. You're less likely to get scammed, and it helps promote rescuing animals rather than buying them. Most breeds have a national rescue league that can point you to a local location!

  4. I have no connection to suggest to you.

    I too, would encourage seeing if you could rescue a dog...but at the same time, I know that I too would want a puppy. They're just way too darn cute! But I know you'd feel good knowing that you got one from a shelter or something.

    When you do find one, I expect pictures!

    ps - I have a fun little giveaway on my blog today. You should come check it out!

  5. We found both our golden retriever and our current goldendoodle in the newspaper (both successful adoptions).

    Good luck!! I have to beg and beg forever until I got a puppy!

  6. Check your local shelter first, sometimes they get in purebreeds as well! Or you might just fall in love with some backyard mix ;)

    And a happy Monday to you!

  7. I used to find my little Rocky! You can search by your state and area and type of breed. Once I did that, I made sure the breeders had legit websites and a lot of them have been on the website for 5 or 10 years so they have experience and are trustworthy. I would recommend getting a pup that comes with a health guarantee - it will say it when you pull up the info of the breeder.

  8. Oh I have no idea. We didn't care about the breed so much. Our little pup was rescued by our friends and we took her in. I so understand your want for a puppy though! I had to wait for two years after we got married. I hope you find the perfect little pup soon!

  9. Oh a puppy, so fun! Our first kids were our puppies! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you get :)

  10. All that I can tell you is this...GET A MALTESE! I don't know where but they are the best! I have a Maltese and she's awesome!

  11. Don't buy from a breeder! You've got to go to a rescue shelter. That's where we got our Charlotte and she is the sweetest, most perfect puppy in the world! You will never get the love from a bought dog that you do from a rescue. Most Humane Societies will post pictures of their adoptable pets. It's a tax write-off, too, as a charitable donation!

  12. I got my necklace today! :) It's cute. I'll probably blog about it.

  13. i have rescued and gone to a breeder. I understand everyones opinions and rescuing. I went with a breeder the second time because i wanted a pure bred golden i could train to be a therapy dog (which he is) and a lot of places are hesitant to let a unknown mixed breed in, and we lived in an apt and they wouldnt let a mix breed in either. My adopted pup was the most amazing dog ever as well though..she is in doggy heaven.

    Took me a year to convince the husband to let me get my little bear...and another two years to get ANOTHER one when we get home! yay!

    check newspapers and sites like like someone mentioned above. also you can google breeders in your area..just make sure you go on site and meet the parents, see the conditions etc.


  14. Thanks for all your comments guys, this has helped. Someone also e-mailed me and told me to ask the breeder to send me a picture with a piece of paper with my name written or a newspaper with the date on it....ALL THREE people I was e-mailing suddenly went MIA or their camera was "broken" or got mad!

    SCAMMERS! Pretty sure puppy scammers go to HELL.

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  16. I'm glad so many people are advocating rescue and shelter organizations. Sometimes people think that they can't get puppies at shelters because they get snatched up so quickly, but they definitely are available at both if you look hard enough. Good luck!

  17. I want a puppy really bad too! I haven't convinced my hubby yet...or our land lady. Oh well. Good luck finding one! I hope you do really soon!

  18. OOHh, those little dogs :) I wouldn't know about them, because I'm more of a lab person. I always felt if I had a little dog I would step on them all the time! That said, good luck on your search! And I'm SURE you will post pics asap when you get the little guy/girl, right? I LOVE puppies!! (Yes, even those little ones :)

  19. Yes, get a dog - they are the best! But I'd say just at least try going to a shelter - you'll want to leave with one once you see how many sweet pups need a home. Our Sadie was 1 year old when we rescued her, and she was already potty-trained (a very big plus) and has been the sweetest, most well behaved, loving dog!

    keep us all posted!


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