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14 March 2011

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Happy because he got a haircut and has his gun.
Saturday morning the husband and I got up with a plan.  We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary, which, I know-- technically isn't something you'd usually celebrate.  But hey, we were excited about it so we figured we do some fun things.

After eating our delicious popovers (recipe, HERE) and my 4 mile run.  [Yep guys, that is right, I actually ran 4 miles.  I can't even believe it myself.  My lungs almost exploded the last half mile but I finished and by golly I swear I lost 5 pounds during that 40 minutes.  But I digress...]  Anyways, after breakfast we headed out to find a shooting range.

My husband wanted to shoot his gun (which was a wedding present from me along with a few of his groomsmen and closest guy friends).
He loves this gun you guys.  When we had just gotten back from our honeymoon he would run around the apartment fake shooting people and generally being ridiculous.  He looks pretty smokin' wielding the thing so I can't complain.  And that gun has come in pretty handy, especially when I have been afraid I was being attacked out here in our cottage, like when the UPS man scared the stars out of me. So, we went to shoot it at a range we found in Mongo, Indiana.  MONGO?  Ever heard of it?  Yeah me either...on the way there we saw a lot of strange sights. Like this sign. Random, right?
Finally we arrived in --literally-- the  middle of nowhere and had some fun shooting the gun.  It is a really powerful handgun.  My wrist still hurts from the 10 bullets I shot.  This range was pretty ghetto, so we didn't have any cool human shaped targets to try and obliterate.  We found an old cardboard box and made due...after a while of that we left because it was freezing cold and our ears had started ringing so our conversations had started to sound like this:

 "Hey Jonathan"
"I can't hear you!"

We headed to try a family style Amish restaurant in Shipshewana, IN called the Blue Gate.  Shipshewana is one of the largest populations of amish in the country and there are a few family style restaurants in the area.  Family style means exactly what it says:   you pay a flat rate and you get two meats, green beans, stuffing, noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread, pie and a drink.  Basically, you have to roll yourself out of the restaurant after you are done eating.  We did some serious damage.  After some shopping and browsing the Amish shops, we caught a movie (Little Red Riding Hood which I DO NOT recommend.  It. was. awful.) and called it a happy 6 month anniversary.  Now I am ready for the one year anniversary--although, who knows where we will be living?  But, that is all part of the adventure...   Picture time!
Lock & Load
So, we were actually on a shotgun range.  But whatever.
Watch out! I did get in trouble for holding the gun down when it was loaded...
Husband had a fun time....
Intimidating, yes? 
Yum. Yum. & Yum.

While browsing the gift shops we found a few QUESTIONABLE items.  Don't you agree?  I mean...amish and alcohol just don't seem to make sense to me.  It's just not right. 

For those new to my blog, you should know I add a lot of links in my posts to photos in my Flickr account.  I hate posting 20 or so pictures because it takes forever to scroll through.  This way, if something sounds interesting you can click and take a look, and if get the idea :)

FROM Ashley at After Nine To Five.

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  1. So fun!!! Yeah for giveaways! :)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend!!! I've always wanted to go to a shooting range - you may just have inspired me!!

  3. I will definitely keep the wrist thing in mind - I just realized there is a shooting range near our apt - hmmm :)

    As for our wedding song - we picked "Offering" by The Avett Brothers. So excited!

  4. yall are too adorable...and i totally believe in celebrating 6 months! why not?!?!

    and i like how you spent the day... :-)
    have a great week!

  5. look out for this girl! you look hott with that gun!

    happy 6 months to you and your hubby!

  6. You are so beautiful! I'm glad you and your Mister had a sweet 6 month anniversary :) My husband and I had ours about a month ago, and for some reason it did seem significant even though it was just 6 months. Haha.

  7. The restaurants in Shipshewana are SO good!

  8. that food looks to die for amazing. i want it right now.

    I LOVE amish country! i went to one in PA. So fascinating. I ate a lot of cheese that day...

  9. love love love your blog! I have added your button to my blog under new reads...

  10. I'm so not into guns, but I bet it meant a lot to your hubby that you were willing to go and spend that time with him!
    We have a little amish town about 45 minutes from where I live and it's always fun to go visit!

  11. Good for you for running that distance!!! And, can i just say that the food looks fabulous...

    Your blog is so adorable; you two make such a sweet couple!


  12. mmmm. comfort food. my weakness! I went to a restaurant like that during a trip through Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Heaven. My dad would be so proud of me if I ever voluntarily went to shoot guns:-) Happy 6 months to you guys! xoxo

  13. Good job on running four miles! That's awesome. I love to run! Your day sounds wonderful. I would celebrate 6 months too! I just found your blog. VERY CUTE! Definitely following along!

  14. Thanks for all the 6 month well wishes. You guys are the greatest!

  15. Shooting guns to celebrate six months of marriage?! You are so fabulous, it kills me! :)

    I've never been to a shooting range (or shot a gun at all) but it sounds like fun and I think it is good for a girl to know.

    That Amish restaurant sounds amazing. Omg.

    And you look really pretty in these photos!!

  16. Ashley - you and your hubs are adorable! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog, because I love yours! You should definitely let me know if you end up in CA - there are such lovely spots here. I look forward to exploring your blog more!!

  17. Oh, I'm sad Red Riding Hood wasn't good.

    We have a pretty large Amish population here as well. I should find one of these restaurants!

  18. What a great 6 months! That is such a cute idea...I may have to take my hubby somewhere like that. He'd die!!

  19. That food looks heavenly! YUMMO! I still can't imagine the 4 miles, but glad you survived. I bet they called the shot glass "tooth pick holders" and not shot glasses.

  20. I think y'all are so cute ! What an awesome experience for an anniversary too! I love your idea of just going to a shooting range! oh boy that chunk of cake your hubby is holding looks delicious!!!

  21. 1. you inspire me to run more than 2 miles
    2. you guys are sooo cute ash!!!
    3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting.
    4. of course you can celebrate six months!!! happy 6 month girli :)


  22. You guys..

    1. continue to inspire me to run because I know I am going to be telling the world about it via my blog

    2. should take your husband's/boyfriends shooting.... they will love it. also sign up for a basketball bracket thing. They like that too, and maybe it will help you to not be so annoyed when they watch basketball game after (boring!) basketball game!!

  23. Happy Anniversary, honey! AND thank you so much for your super sweet comment + follow on my blog. SO great to meet yours too. xx veronika

  24. haha of course Jon would have the HUGE piece of Chocolate Cake and ICE CREAM! LOL

  25. Ashley - what a cute blog! I will soon be celebrating the four year wedding anniversary with my husband and as someone who is on a second marriage, let me just say CELEBRATE THOSE SIX MONTHS! The first years of marriage are often the hardest so celebrate every milestone you can!

    Also, I was checking out your pictures and have a bit of advice for you to keep your wrist from hurting as badly when you shoot. That is a pretty powerful weapon .357 or .44mag??? With skinny wrists like we ladies tend to have, it can be easy to break a wrist from shooting those calibers. Try holding the gun the way your husband did, with your left hand wrapped around your right hand as opposed to the cupped method. This should help take some of the pressure off of your shooting hand. If you stand sideways (facing the right wall) with your feet shoulder width apart and rotate your upper body at the waist (so that you're essentially shooting with your body turned at a 90 degree angle), this should help the rest of your body absorb some of the kick and you should be able to shoot a lot more before you feel sore.

    Sorry this comment was so long! lol Just wanted to share some tips since you looked so kick ass with that gun.


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