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Paddle Boat=FAIL & an epic weekend.

28 March 2011

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Tragedy struck the Slater household twice this weekend.
Let me share:

After taking my niece and nephew home I came home.
I walked into a perfectly clean kitchen and living room.
---I started to think how LUCKY I was, and how sweet husband was to clean up.---
And then I went in to finish the laundry...

And, there was no laundry to be seen.

[This is when I started to panic.]
I opened the dryer to find EVERYTHING inside.
I almost cried.
He shrunk a few of my favorite shirts, ruined a bra, destroyed  my favorite Alabama sleep shirt
[that I JUST got for Christmas], etc.
Heart broken?
A little.

But I knew he meant no harm and was just trying to help, so instead of getting mad,
I remembered that they were just clothes,No big deal.
(Oh yeah, and that we are going to Chicago this weekend where there is an H&M so I can replace the damaged goods!)

After that little mishap, I waited and waited for him to get home. He had gone to South Bend to take the California medical laws test (because we are really hoping to be moving there at the end of next month!) When he was late getting home,  I called him, and found out he had gotten a little lost and would be home soon.  Two and half hours after he was supposed to be home he walked through the door.  He brought me some chik-fil-a from South Bend to make up for shrinking my clothes, and as I went to hug him I noticed he smelled...funny.  Like smoke, or fire.  

Me: *making face*
Husband: What?
Me: You smell funny.
Husband: *Laughing*
Me: Like, FIRE. Why?
Husband:  Well, you know I got lost?  I ended up driving past these amish people and they were burning the freaking side of the highway!  They were having a hill burn and the flames were like 2 feet from my car.  It had to be illegal.  I tried to turn my vents off but they were so close, and they were just standing there in their overalls and dumb black hats.  And I almost hit their stupid carriage that was going like 10 miles and hour on the road.  And now I smell like fire.

Just, wow.

And now, for a paddle boat TRAGEDY:

After changing into less smoky clothes, he begged me to go out on the paddle boat with him.  It was 34 degrees outside. I said no, but he persisted and, of course, got his way.  We looked like two big dummies, in ski clothes paddling around a lake on this ancient boat that looks like a prop at a mini golf place:

Most ghetto paddle boat in existence.

We did get to paddle around the lake and see a few really cool houses. You can see the fancy ones HERE , HERE & HERE.  A haunted one, HERE.  A redneck one, HERE. And one with my husband's initials which he though was really cool.  

We had almost made it around the entire lake and back to our cottage when....we heard a little POP and then are legs were peddling very fast and we were going no where. Yep, the chain fell off. 
Broken Chain.

Husband investigating if he could fix it...
  When we realized that we couldn't fix the chain we knew we were in trouble. We had no OAR, no cell phone and nothing that could row us to shore.  The wind was slowly blowing us deeper and deeper and my husband decided he had to bit the bullet and go in the water.

The water had been FROZEN the week before.  It was COLD.

Poor guy had to push us back to our cottage.

Polar bear plunge? 
After we got back to our cottage and he got inside and warmed up he said his legs burned and itched for about twenty minutes. I can see how people get hypothermia in like, 5 minutes.  Yikes. We decided to play it safe the rest of the night so we went into town and got a movie.  And when you live in Sturgis, you can go out in public dressed like THIS and THIS and no one thinks twice. 


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  1. My boyfriend shrunk a few of my things recently too. He also folds everything inside out. Haha. We just have to appreciate their help.... even if we have to redo it. :)

  2. Oh my gosh that had to have been freeeezing! I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to go out there. Props to you for going out on the water. (:

    I love that you saw a house that looks like Disney's haunted mansion.

  3. shoot. ill take the redneck house.

  4. I can not believe he got in that water! way to take one for the team... I mean it was his idea though right? Silly boys.

    Your laundry story reminded me I've had the same load of laundry in the dryer for 2 days... FAIL!


  5. Oh my god, both of these stories are SO FUNNY! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours!

    I am a new follower :)

  6. haha, sorry you had these mishaps, but they certainly are entertaining! and what an adventuresome story you'll now have from the paddle boat catastrophe!

  7. Yikes! Such fiascos! At least you can laugh about it :) my boyfriend has a habit of shrinking his own sweaters down to my size! Works out nicely for me hehe I'll have to remember your story if he ever is in the position to be washing my clothes!

  8. HAHA! I'm sorry, but I just can't help laughing. Too funny about the paddle boat. Even though I know that water had to be frigid and I do feel sorry for y'all for that :(

    Men are so hopeless when it comes to laundry. Sigh. But points for the good intentions :)

    ps - I have a fun giveaway on my blog today! You should check it out!

  9. Ahh! You are coming to my hometown! I get so excited when people go to Chicago! I hear ya on the H&M - I live right down the street from the one on State St. and it's addicting!


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