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You Get A Line, I'll Get A Pole...

27 March 2011

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Lauren's serious fishing face.

This past Friday my husband and I tried our hands at (temporary) parenting.
Our niece and nephew (Lauren, 5 & Jonah, 8) came for a spend the night visit.
We ended up having a blast, feeding them too much chocolate, staying up way too late, and deciding that we should probably wait a few more years before we have littles of our own.
Fearing we would get peed on in the middle of the night after giving the kids one too many cans of Orange Crush, we all woke up at 3am and lined them up for a middle of the night bathroom break.
This probably isn't normal, but at least we didn't have to worry about waking up with pee all over us.
We also went fishing on the lake in our back yard. 

Here is the photographic evidence...
Jonathan & Jonah digging for worms

Lauren wasn't so sure about touching the worms...
( don't you love my gangster SUV in the back with the black rims?! I love my car.)
Jonah thought it was awesome though...
...As did the husband...

Let the "fishing" begin...

Click "read more" to finish reading this post and see the rest of the pics!
Learning how to cast their lines...
Jonathan & Jonah... not sure what face Jonah is making. Haha!
Husband just HAD to take the canoe out to retrieve a runaway bobber

Jonah wasn't happy I said "no" to letting them go out on the water... he wants to be just like "uncle J-man"

Lauren took casting her line out very seriously...

Husband & the kids
we also had some spectators...

This is Frank & Annabelle. Yes, I have named our swans. Yes I just said "our" swans. 
Lauren & I

Like I said, we had so much fun with our nephew and niece and enjoyed spending time with them.  It gives me a whole new appreciation for those of you who are parents though.  Kids are a lot of work and require a massive amount of attention! And then, how do you spend any time with your spouse when you are constantly busy with kids?!  It is a juggling act and I can see how you mommies can be DRAINED.  I applaud all you parents out there.  You have a tough job!

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  1. First I love the name of this post... Little Big Town's Boondocks... You get a line, I'll get a pole, we'll go down to the fishing hole!

    Second, fishing is how J knew that he was going to marry me. I will forever have a little love for slimy worms and fish because of that little sport.

    Third, just love your blog!

  2. Ah this looks like so much fun! Jealous of your lake and swans! :)

  3. that looks like a really adorable way to have a learning experience!

    My brother and sister-in-law plan to get a cat for their first child. When they can take on a little more responsibility, they will get a dog. After the dog maybe a baby ; )

    Did you drink the orange crush in glass bottles? I posted a pic of them on my blog the other day so I immediately thought of them!


  4. Aww! Looks like so much fun!!! Whenever I feel like I could be ready to have kids, I volunteer to keep my 10 month old niece and 3 year old nephew...I spoil them and give them back. Kind of nice! Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. a. i love that song.

    b. those are some cute kids.

    c. you're pretty.

  6. Haha fun fun!! My older sister never liked touching the worms, but I didn’t mind. ;)

  7. Looks like you'll do great at parenting. Even if you wake em up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Better safe than sorry! ;)

  8. Hahah - what a cute post! Looks like a blast - and how awesome is it that you have a lake in your backyard!

  9. I just read your whole story and loved it! You guys are so cute. I love having new blog friends :)

  10. awe, how fun to play/practice parents and what a perfect activity :) thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog is so charming, I'm glad to follow more!

  11. this looks like so much fun! and it's so funny that you woke them up at 3am for a bathroom break! that's totally something i would do, too =)

  12. How fun! I love "baby-sitting" kids for a while. But for now, the best part is being able to give them back! Ha! Parenting will be a challenge!

  13. love that ya'll actually found your own worms/bait instead of buying it.. so much more fun!

  14. Y'all are going to be such great parents! Looks like y'all had a fun time...I love to go fishing!

  15. love those pictures - adorable!!!

    I loved the "you look good" post too! You are just too sweet!

  16. I definitely applaud parents too... my husband and I are not quite ready for the responsibility of kids. Plus we're moving soon! Yikes... I can imagine it would not be much fun trying to move with children. You guys move soon too, huh?!

    Great pictures of your time with your niece and nephew. Love the worm pics... and your lake shots make me miss the water sooo so much.

  17. oh my gosh it looks like you all had an amazing time! these pictures are priceless and standing in line at 3 am sounds like the result of having way too much fun ;)

    i am right there with ya are hard work, i don't know how parents do it. i think matthew and i will be waiting a few more years as well :)

    hope your week is fantastic girl! xo

  18. My goodness! you are beautiful girl!!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :) made my day!

  19. HAHAHA! What a good little Auntie and Uncky! :) And the 3 am bathroom break? Genius. And Hilarious.

  20. Oh man, I would LOVE to have a lake like that in my back yard!

    I used to nanny, and it was the best birth control in the world. Kids are exhausting! Haha.


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