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Beauty 101 with *Star* {All About Eyes}

20 May 2011

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Today I am welcoming back *Star*, our exclusive beauty EXPERT.  She is sharing some great, classic tips on eye shadow color choice.  You can't go wrong with her advice, trust me!  Read on!

Hello Everyone!  I am super excited to be on here again! 

This is such a fun, crazy time of year approaching. Lots of graduation parties, BBQ's, Weddings, and family gatherings. Of course a girl wants ot look fabulous for all of those ;) I wanted to share with you a couple different makeup tips and tricks for your EYES!!!

Starting with BLUE eyes:

 If you use golden to green shades it makes your eye look bluer and your eyes come alive when the shadow doesn't match your eye color.

For a GREEN or BROWN eye:
  Violet and Blue shades accentuate the green or brown of your eye. ::HINT:: The darker the eyeliner (try Clinique cream shaper in Deep Cobalt) --the whiter and brighter your eyes look! 

If you have HAZEL eyes:
#1 your lucky because Hazel eyes are GORGEOUS!! #2 Pink shades are wonderful and they look good in ANY light too!!


Lastly, if you are looking for colors to help de-age and look more youthful, NUDES such as soft chestnuts or light browns and carmel shades are great!! Matte and low-level shimmers work best to de-age as well. Plus NUDES look great at night too. 
Choose a glossy light shade for your lips and add some DRAMA with a Bolder eye look!! :)

LOVE this time of year! SOOOO glad it's FINALLY here!
Thanks again ASHLEY for letting me be a part of this
and good luck on this next part of your Journey.



Isn't she the greatest?!  I love her tips!  I can't wait until her next post!
Also, check back later today for Friday's Letters!

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  1. I have "slippery" eyelids, and everyone tells me to get a base cream, but it still doesn't work. Does Star have any other suggestions? Or maybe brands? I've tried Mary Kay and "Set," and while it lasts a little bit longer it's still gone within an hour or two which makes it not worth the effort.

  2. ooOoooh. I am mildly terrified of eye makeup, never seems to work for me - this is helpful!

  3. Okay THIS is the bomb. How do I get myself a beauty expert?! ;)

    Also, Ashley this is quite a lovely space you have. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find it!! Definitely going on my reader!

  4. Patchie: here is your answer!

    O.k. so I always put Concealer, foundation ,and a sheer powder all over the lid first and then do your base!! That should keep it!!

    ashley back: as for a base, I was the same was as you thinking they never worked, but I tried clinique's touchbase in canvas and it REALLY works. It keeps the shadow from melting into the creases or "weeping" down your face. REALLY love it... and Star is so right about doing your concealer/powder underneath. That should really keep your shadow in place for an entire work day or night out!!

  5. I have blue eyes and I only wear browns or greys. My eyes totally look way bluer when I wear browns. Great tips!

  6. Great tips! I love using colorful eye makeup for a little extra pop!

  7. I love this! I really enjoy make up. One of the things I love about being a girl. That and my kick ass heel collection!


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