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Marc Martel: You Are Going To Want To Remember That Name...

27 September 2011

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My friend... well, I have met him a few times and consider him as much of a "friend" as you can consider members of bands who you spend time with.  Anyways, the remaining members of Queen have put on a competition to allow someone to tour and possibly sing with their band sometime in early 2012.  Marc is the lead singer of a christian band called Downhere. They have amazing songs with an amazing message..  See one of my personal videos here.  

Marc sounds JUST like Freddie Mercury. It is freaky how similar their voices are.  So of course, it was an obvious choice for him to enter Queen's competition.  His video has only been up a few days and now is closing it on 3 million views.  Check it out, and on November 14th when voting opens to the public please vote for him.  He really is an amazingly talented guy (as well as the rest of the band DownHere).  And yes he is cute, but ladies..he just was happily wed last year to a gorgeous lady named Crystal so back off! ;)  

P.S. After you click play video it will prompt you to click watch on youtube.  That is the only way to view it right now so click over!  DO IT DO IT DO ITTTTTT! And then tell your friends, because it is pretty awesome.

Here is the link:

and the video below isn't the 3 million mark one...I still can't figure out how to work dumb blogger sometimes. grr.

oh, want more?  This is a pretty great video of marc singing opera too.


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  1. totally voting. this guy sounds AND LOOKS just like freddy mercury.

  2. Whoa.....Good for him! :) People with amazing voices need to let the world hear it!

  3. My husband showed me this video a few days ago--he is incredible. Hubs will be so excited to hear I know someone who knows him, ha!

  4. I just watched it on YouTube! He has a nice voice!

  5. Wow - awesome!! Thank for sharing! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like. :)


  6. Wow he really is an awesome mimic. That's pretty incredible.

  7. SUCH a talent!! What an amazing guy!

  8. Marc Martel just blew my mind.... like WOW! and really, if you move to SC you really should make a trip up to the dirty dirty! I'm thinking a trip the the new world of coke could be a fun group outing... and you know we have good food!

  9. Stumbled across your blog today and LOVE it! The husband and I are newlyweds too. :) I'm your newest follower!


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