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Overheard In LA...

11 January 2012

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These are just a handful of the conversations I have heard while being in LA...

::girls pulls up to cedars sinai to drop off male passenger::
Guy: Just drive a few blocks over and find somewhere to park
Girl: You mean there is no VALET?  *rolls eyes, speeds off*

::at a starbucks in beverly hills::
Guy: If you live in Riverside, you can, like, get cancer from the air.
Girl: I know, it's, like, so depressing.

::Outside Tao Athletic Club (husband's work)::
Girl #1: I got invited to that valley party next week so I scheduled botox for tomorrow.
Girl #2: such. a good idea. 
Girl #1: I know, right?
Girl #2: Tooottaaallly.

::Walking along Wilshire Blvd::
Girl #1: Let's hit up the beach tomorrow.
Girl #2: Okay, but I have to go tan first.
Girl #1: Me too. 

(because the sun at the beach probably just won't cut it?)

::on the elevator in my building::
Me: So, do you know if there are any wal-marts around here?
UCLA student: what's that?

::while walking the dog::
Guy #1: OMG, I think I am getting sick because of this cold weather.
Guy #2: I knooowww, I had to get out like, an extra sweater this morning.
Guy #1: SO inconvenient. 
Guy #2: Not cool at all.

(the "cold" weather was 63 degrees today... and I am pretty sure it warmed up to 70...)


Pretty hilarious, right?!  Every single time my jaw just dropped. I would be irritated by the entitled attitudes but its amusing because it is just. so. ridiculous.  That is what is nice about living here and not just vacationing-- we are really getting a taste of the locals and the people that call this place home. Speaking of that, I got stuck in traffic because the People's Choice Awards was going on about 7 miles away from where husband works.  It's weird that it has been going on since the afternoon here, and my parents on the east coast have already started watching it and its not even on tv here yet.  And its also weird that the people I see on tv and film every day are right down the road.  I thought I would be a little more star struck, and I do think its cool to be seeing some "celebs", but at the same time I am not getting into car wrecks and freaking out because someone famous is sitting at a cafe eating lunch and I happen to pass them on a drive.  It's just neat to be around, the city is so energetic and full of life.  You can't help but get outside and start the day because everyone else seems to be up and awake!  Any of you SoCal dwellers, if you have any "must-see", or "must-do" things while we are here let me know!  

here are some photos from the "sky gym" where husband is working--
I know I look like I am going to fall asleep standing there.
and I felt like it...I haven't recovered from the drive yet! 

see the hollywood sign?

oh hiii husband!

I am planning on getting pretty buff at this gym.  Starting tomorrow.
Husband is going to be my personal trainer.  That could go WELL or not so well.
I hope it goes well or I will have to find something else to do to entertain myself 
when he is away at work.  Like drinking lots of the California wines-- which might result in
me acting like this---- just like this, in fact..
(no really. ask my husband..)

yes, I am watching toddlers and tiaras right now.
Don't judge me. 

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  1. haha that is so hilarious! I wish I could hear people saying things like that every day!

  2. Oh my gosh. Every single one of those comments left me laughing! Hahaha that's hilarious. I hope you are keeping track of the crazy things you could probably write a book. Feel free to share more!! LA sounds like so much fun!! Love all of your pictures :)

  3. First- I am watching that episode RIGHT. NOW. TOOOOO!!! Haha! Hilarious.

    :What the?! They didn't know what a wal-mart was??
    :Do they think there are valet's everywhere??? Have they ever left SoCal?
    :I would be in Heaven if it were 63 degrees here!

    Third- That gym is AMAZING! I'm so jealous.

  4. oh my gosh! Those quotes crack me up! :) Enjoy every minute of the gorgeous California weather... I'll be stuck in Minnesota winter weather. BAH! HAHA :)

  5. I think it is SO awesome that you're living in Beverly Hills for a few months! I'm actually really jealous.

    and that toddlers & tiaras? THE BEST - my husband & I love to watch it & make fun of those crazy people :)

    (also: I was going to email you at some point when I get more than ten minutes about living with lupus because my 17 year old sister was just diagnosed & she's so heartbroken)

  6. I seriously watch that show when I'm sad and literally can't stop laughing. I loved your quotes! I moved to Southern California a year ago and trust me I hear the same stuff all the time! I would say you guys have to go to Laguna Beach and Old town Pasadena(talk about good shopping and delicious food). Also since you live so close the hike up to the Hollywood sign is beautiful! I hope you enjoy your time here :)

  7. hahaha, loved those conversations.
    All the "likes" really made it realistic.
    Its almost, like, I was there.

    This is too funny, cant wait to hear more!
    have fun exploring your new city!

  8. I am watching Toddlers & Tiaras right now too!! Oh my gosh I saw that girl last week on there. Let's just say, wow. Ha! The conversations crack me up!! It's like a different world, especially to the lil southerner, ha! Love your pictures. Sky gym? My husband would love that!! On our cruise, he would get up every morning & work out, like normal, & get to see the beautiful sun rise!

  9. Haha those are hilarious! I can't believe people are actually like that. My hubby is originally from LA. I heard those to him... and he said that sounds about right lol

  10. Hilarious! I love LA but there are definitely some cookie, ridiculous ppl put there! Ignore it all and enjoy your time in one of God's most beautifully created cities!

  11. Oh my gosh I can't believe you actually heard that stuff! Sounds like something you'd hear on tv! Soooo funny!!

  12. I am so excited to read more about your time living in California because this might be the best blog post - and I am already wanting more.

  13. Too funny!!! I enjoy my simple life.

  14. Hahah...I'm embarrassed for my own state right now! Seriously...soooo shallow. But hilarious! Clearly 63 degrees is freezing temperatures. Just wait till it starts raining....people will SPRINT to their cars.

  15. ahahahahaha love love love all those stories. awesome.

  16. I'm from San Diego, and living in Santa Barbara. You would probably love visiting either of those places for a weekend!

  17. oh girl, you can almost get sick from breathing in riverside! it's nasty out there. we call it the land of the dirty people. lol.

  18. oh yeah, one more is soooo different here than most places!!! be careful its pretty scary! we use target like the rest of the US uses Walmart :)

  19. bahahahaha so what you're saying is, my assumption that L.A. is filled with vapid, shallow, self absorbed, annoying people isn't totally off base?

    oh and that girl from toddlers and tiaras is THE BEST!

  20. i just laughed SO hard..because not going to lie...i may have said things like conversation 1, 4..and have heard friends say number 2...while living in LA

    im not proud of it.

  21. btw...

    i didnt tell you this..but now i can..when u e mailed me and said there are no walmarts i actually did laugh out loud..because wal mart is not the go to in think its slightly ghetto...

  22. I can't imagine how difficult it is to pick up and move every few months and be away from family and friends, but man- the experiences you are having while you're young on this adventure can't be beat! I LOVE the fact that your neighbor didn't know what Walmart was. LOL!!

    Beverly Hills is going to have some good bloggin material yo!

  23. This was such an enjoyable, funny read after my night at work! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hahahah 63 degrees IS cold! Just you wait until it rains! People don't know what to do with them selves haha. I loved this post! XOXO.

  25. OMG this is amazing. please keep posting these!

  26. I totally agree with the previous comment - PLEASE keep positing these! I am so so so jealous of you and your LA adventure, and I'm so happy you are sharing it with us!
    PS - you look so pretty in that pic!

  27. Hahahaha I'm laughing so hard at all the combos and that video!! Too funny :)

  28. So funny! It is amazing how different people can be in different states. You and your husband are very blessed to travel and see all you get to go. Enjoy!

  29. HAHA! Those conversations crack me up!! It's sad that I'm an Orange County native (right down the freeway from you) and I wanted to justify some of them. HAHAH!

    Speaking of being a so Cal native: I recommend going to a free taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live because it's close to you, an easy show to get tickets to and not a pain in the butt to go to (you don't spend all day being shuffled around like cattle like a lot of tv tapings). I can also tell you where the celebs get walked in and out if you want to try to meet the guests (I've met a lot of my favorites there!). I also recommend the Griffith Observatory as a must see! There are tons of museums and tourist attractions I can also recommend, but I'm sure you'll find the ones that best appeal to you.

    Down the way in Orange County, Disneyland is a must do! I mentioned the other day that they're open 24 hours on Feb 29, which will be a fun experience (I'm going at midnight!). Let me know if you need help finding deals on tickets or anything like that (tickets are too expensive! I have an annual pass).

    Sorry my comment is SO long! Feel free to email me if you need any more info, I could go on for days! :) Have fun in LA!

  30. oohhhh my god hahahha those loL!

  31. haha omg i am still cracking
    up with the video! she is hilarious

    and Oh god the conversations
    i bet you half of them were
    blondes haha ... i hear things
    like that ALL THE TIME ..

    check this out:

    it will help you get around

    Melina ♥

  32. HA! I've never been to California, but those convos make it sound like a totally different world from mine. What's Walmart? Really?

    I could watch that Toddlers and Tiaras video on repeat. So funny!

  33. I laughed out loud at the Riverside comment. I was born just outside Riverside and lived there when I was little. I don't think the air has given me cancer LOL.

    LA is a whole different world in its self. Enjoy every amusing moment.

  34. HAHA ya that sounds like SOME California people.
    Wal mart here in cali is not what its cracked up to be in other states. When I visit my family in Texas, wal mart is soooo different there.
    Some things to do:
    Hike the Hollywood sign
    Horse back riding in Palos Verdes over looking the ocean
    LA museums. There are tons.
    Laker game :)
    San Diego. So pretty there!

  35. These are all so funny!

    And I love that girl from that show.

  36. Every single word of those conversations were hilarious. OH MY GOODNESS! Well just know you always have your sane bloggy friends.


  37. those conversations are so funny. keep em coming :)

    and that little beauty queen is hilarious.

  38. Oh've moved to the land of super smart people. Haha. No Walmart? And you will receive NO judgement from me...toddlers and tiaras is addicting for some odd reason.

  39. Those conversations made my day!! So funny!! I can't believe people actually talk like that! Only in LA I guess!
    It's pretty cool though how you've arrived in CA just a few days ago, and now you have this brand new life. Even if it doesn't last a long time there, it is still pretty cool.
    -Can't believe that one person didn't know what Walmart was though!! It's a huge chain! I perfer Target myself, but still!

  40. I love love love your blog! Just found it and am hooked. You have a fascinating life and it's so cool to follow you. Was totally watching toddlers and tiaras last night too, and that little girl totally shocked me. I don't even know what to think.. ! Anyway, love you blog!!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  41. You know when people right lol, but really they're just laughing in their head? I literally just laughed out loud to myself on both the conversation quotes and that incredibly awesome video at the end. "My special juice is gonna help me win" That poor kid. lol

    New follower. Love it!

  42. P.S. glad I know how to spell the word write* in the comment above.

  43. This is hilarious and amazing, especially since it's so accurate! I'm a California native, and as much as I love the homeland, the people are *quite* unique in so cal. And that video!!! I watched it this morning and kept awkwardly giggling to myself at work just thinking about it.

  44. hahaha, not sure if i should be laughing or crying ... i think laughing.

    love the pictures!

  45. "A dollar make me holla, honey boo-boo."

    I.Just.Lost.It. LOL!

  46. Those convos are tooo funny.
    And I have that T&T recorded and can not wait to watch it.

  47. Ok, I'm FROM Riverside county, and I can assure any snotty Beverly Hills people that there is no cancerous air :) Plus I don't know what the UCLA student doesn't know what a wal-mart is, cause the area around UCLA is soooo ghetto! They for sure have a Wal-Mart ! Finally, I now live in Utah where it's averaging about 25-30 degrees a day and all my friends&fam back at home are freaking out cause it's 65 degrees and so cold. I love So-Cal, but there are definitely some dorks.

  48. Wow. That is absolutely nuts! Haha! That stuff would entertain me for hours. I think I might walk around and try to eavesdrop if I was you! hahaha!

  49. Ok, don't get me wrong there are very nice places around LA :) just for the most part the is such a stark difference between Beverly hills and downtown LA. Have you hit up the LA fashion district yet?? It's way fun :) cheap stuff that is mega cute! Email me at: if you want the street names to go too, and where to park and what not :)

  50. Welcome to California, my dear! :) Get used to all of the "likes" and "I know, rights" and "totallys." Also, "ya know?" is a big one. hah. Hope your enjoying the warmer weather!

  51. Hysterical. This is, like, totally how I would expect people in Cali to talk. Ha! :)

    Looks so beautiful there!! Good luck finding a Wal-Mart lol.

  52. Hahahaha! Those quotes... Makes me embarrassed to live in Souther CA. I live in Orange County and if you can believe it, I've heard even more idiotic statements than those. Cringe...

  53. Btw, Target is the new Wal-Mart out here ;) everyone knows where the Targets are... Just not WM

  54. Wow. I Forgot about the Bev Hills mentality. Lol. What's interesting is that other suburbs nearby don't like to associate themselves with the Bev Hills /Hollyweird crowd. Haha.

    Someone mentioned the Fashion District. Definitely a must see but I can't remember the streets. Love your pics!

  55. This is fantastic! I used to live in LA and my favorite "I can't believe she just said that!" moment came when a girl was talking about how many cell phones she thought there were in the world (yes, this was the topic of conversation) and her hypothesis?
    "Well, first you have to figure that everyone has like, at least TWO cell phones... But there are places in like, Africa, that just DON'T have reception so..."

    It was hilarious! Enjoy the hilarious nonsense down there - it is kinda fun :)

  56. hahaha I love L.A. and the crazy people in it!!

    And don't worry, I definitely watch Toddler's & Tiara's. HONEY BOO BOO CHILD!!

  57. bahahaha! What's Walmart????! wow!

  58. This is so funny! It's a little hard to believe people actually talk like that, but I am glad they do because there is a great deal of humor in it! Thanks for sharing!


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