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Things To Do In...Los Angeles

18 January 2012

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Have you noticed a theme with my Things To Do In Los Angeles posts yet?  If you haven't-- the theme is freeeee.  Gotta  love that.  My latest greatest "free" find in LA is the Original Farmer's Market and The Grove.  When I heard "farmer's market" I thought "super, we can pick up some fresh veggies to use for lunch!" --but when I got there I was so surprised. It wasn't what I expected at ALL (in a good way).  Not only were there fresh veggie and fruit stands, there were also meat markets, bakeries, eateries, clothing & jewelry vendors and EVEN a dog bakery where you can bring your pup to pick out fresh gourmet treats! I was a little overwhelmed with all the ethnic food surrounding me.  I wanted to make the  best decision because husband said I could buy lunch there (sidenote: husband is a stingy dutch person who hates spending money on food because he feels it is a waste, so when he says I can buy food at a restaurant I kind of freak out.  Also, what is he thinking? Food is pretty much the reason for breathing.) 

I seriously made at least 4 laps around the entire market and even almost stopped to ask random strangers what they were eating and where they got it.  After about 30 minutes my hunger took over and I got in long line (hey, if it has a long line, it has to mean that the food is phenomenal and everyone wants it, right?) RIGHT!  Turns out, I got in line to La Loteria, one of the top 50 "budget" restaurants in LA. My nachos were $10 dollars of heaven.  I literally watched them wash the dirt off the tomatoes, chop them up and sprinkle them on my dish.  So, so fresh.

Loteria Grill on Urbanspoon

On the way out I spied a Brazilian BBQ stand and I cannot wait to make a return visit to try it out.  We will definitely be returning.  Right next door is an outdoor shopping center call "The Grove"-- you get two hours of free parking and the third  hour is $3.00 and then $1.00 every 20 minutes after ($15.00 max).  There are shops, restaurants, a cinema and a TROLLEY.  It's a beautiful shopping area and with so much to do you could literally spend the day there.  Loved it.

Oh and then we got stuck in nightmare Golden Globe traffic.....
this would be fun to be in the middle of, except you can't even SEE the celebs because they are in their limos and there are crazy protestors, crazy fans, and crazy amounts of security. Next time we will 
make sure we know when these things are going on so we can choose a different route home. OYE.

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  1. farmer's markets are kind of the best thing ever.

  2. The Grove is my favorite place in LA! It is incredible!!! We ate at the Farmer's Market, and I can't remember what it was called, but there's a big place in the center where they seriously make the best philly cheesesteaks. I'm definitely going back there! We should totally go here when we meet up! They film the show Extra there during the's pretty cool to see!

  3. Sounds like so much fun!!! (well everything BUT the traffic!) :)

  4. I'm drooling all over myself.
    those nachos looked so fantastic!!

    And protesters?! What are they protesting?

    It looks like you're loving your tim there so far! So glad!

  5. LOVE The Grove and their farmer's market! xo

  6. I looove the farmers market and the Grove - I could spend days browsing all of the ethnic food stalls so you definitely aren't alone!

    Those nachos look amazing!


  7. The Farmers Market is awesome and so is the Grove!

    The week before the Oscars you should go down to Hollywood and see them setup. One night we stumbled upon it and it was really cool. It gives you a different perspective when you are watching them.

  8. Oh man, those nachos look heavenly, ha!

  9. i love that place!
    Did you check out the
    chocolate covered strawberries?
    or the Nutella Crepes? God ..

    Melina ♥

  10. NOOOO, I just had me some plain cheerios for breakfast.. did I really have to see those yummy nachos! Now I want some lol! So fun! I really need to make it out there and visit their farmers market!Glad you loved it!

  11. The Grove is a great place to spot celebs! I have seen Khloe and Lamar there, Katie Perry, and a few others.

  12. ahhh, so fun! this makes me want to make a trip to LA!

  13. Isn't the Grove just the best? Love people watching there! You seem to be finding all of the best places in LA to hang out!

  14. OK wait up! I've lived in Hollywood for three years and go to The Grove all the time (it's my mall...and by that I mean down the street). I 'm usually there for the movies, shopping, and Chipotle. I had no clue there is now a Loiteria in there! I've only been to the actual restaurant. Had no clue they had a place at the Farmer's Market, too! Those nachos look amazing! You made my day :)

    P.S. I'm also going to the blogger meetup - see ya there!

  15. You guys should definitely try to find time to explore San Francisco :) It is one of my favorite west coast cities (And by that I mean it is totally my favorite out of the cities I have visited on the west coast). As a matter of fact, my husband and I go there once a year and it's almost time for us to go again! It's 9 hour drive but we will spend the 18 hours in the car just to have a weekend away there.

  16. oh em gee, those nachos look amazing. I want them now!!!!! I am loving your new adventures in Cali!

  17. Don't lie! you were in the Golden Globes traffic because you were a star in it and dont want us to know how famous you really are!
    psh trying to trick us! I see how you are! :)~

    I love farmers markets but am not brave enough to try any type of food other than my meat and so lame when I eventually drive the 18 hours to get there maybe I will venture out!

  18. love love the grove!! it is a great place to hang out, people watch and eat tons of great food. cant wait to see you at the blogger meet-u!

  19. This place sounds phenomenal. Wish I lived in LA! Next time I'm there I'll have to check it out. At least we have Pike's here in Seattle :)

  20. Protestors? For the Globes? Weird!

    I tagged you in my post today!

  21. Awww, the Farmer's Market is so much fun. Love the Grove, too. I always feel so much at peace there...weird, I know. :) Then again I love it kind of makes sense again! :D

  22. You are sooo making me miss LA right now! We just moved from Santa Monica to Virginia about 6 months ago. I would give anything to get my sunny so cal back. The Grove, Urth Cafe, Pacific Palisades, 3rd St, - Tell me you've been to "The Griddle"!!! The BEST pancakes in the WORLD!

  23. I went to college in LA and loved every second of it. I even miss all the crazy traffic! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine :)

  24. ahh The Grove! I have heard about this fabuulous place in LA!

    husband is a stingy dutch person hahahah im dying

    i want to live your life...seriously! and it sounds like you and hubs are enjoying every minute of it :-)


  25. Omg can I live with you guys? It looks so much fun there! And those nachos....droooool.

  26. That Farmers Market sounds awesome! I've always wanted to go to an actual Farmers Market...But it's always so early in the morning, and unfortunately I don't have any really close by to pop by and check out...But if I ever do, I will go!
    But the parking price is great! I had no idea some things like that would be so inexpensive in LA!
    And pretty awesome that you were stuck in the traffic for the Golden Globes! Well, that's not so cool, but it's something to talk about with the family! You can say, 'I was THIS CLOSE to so and so...'. Maybe you were, you just couldn't see them in the limo! :)

  27. that mexican place is my fav!!! yum!! glad you are liking LA

  28. One of the stands in the middle has herb lemonade, and it is AMAZING. Can't leave The Grove without it! It is a serious must try.


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