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21 January 2012

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Need I say more?

These bad boys are only $1.50--- that is right ONE DOLLHAIR and fiddy cent.
You get to choose two different flavor cookies and your flavor of icecream to create 
custom ice cream sandwiches.  We have been twice, in two weeks.  

I am thinking it will be a weekly thing.  You cannot beat $3.00 bucks for a date, right?

Diddy Riese Cookies on Urbanspoon

In other news, did you all hear is closing?
I for one, am sad-- I pretty much lived for that airbrush and mascara effect!
(Oh don't act like you didn't use it to!)

Because of this devastating news I will spend today really trying to learn my photoshop
program.  This is going to include a lot of googling and tutorial watching.


Happy Saturday!
Over & Out,

p.s. do you like the new blog layout?
or the old one?
let me know!

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  1. I cannot believe you found Diddy Riese so quickly! I'm impressed!! Hahaha!!! You sure are becoming a local quickly ;)

  2. Those cookie sandwiches look amazing! Now I want two. And $1.50 really is a great deal.

    And I've never used picnik before but I've seen many the blogger upset about this news. I started learning photoshop about a year ago, and while I haven't jumped in head first to it, the more you play with it the faster it comes to you. I love "The CoffeeShop Blog". She's got a lot of great tutorials and downloads so that you can do some shortcuts and make your stuff look great. :)

  3. Oh and as I have been reading more blogs about it lately, it seems that Elements is the way to go as opposed to full blown photoshop. It is also apparently easier on the wallet too and does everything that a non-graphic designer/professional photographer would need.

  4. I'm sad that I am 6 hours away from LA and can't get one of those crazy good looking ice cream sandwiches! I didn't use picnik all that much but I did get the email that they're closing--wonder why?!

  5. ughh I want one of those!
    That is such a good deal, and it looks unbelievable.

    They have a place in chicago called cookie dough creations, (and as I'm typing this a I feel like I've already told bad if I have.) and you get a scoop of ice cream and a scoop of raw cookie dough. They have so many flavors and they're all egg-less: woot woot for no salmonella poisoning!

  6. and I looove your new layout! looks fantastic!

  7. Picnik was my friend for the airbrush and mascara tools alone! I am devastated that they're closing it down... =(

    Happy Saturday!

  8. I LOVEE Diddy Reise, I've even mentioned them on my blog too! So beyond yummy, and always with a line out the door. xo

  9. ok help me out a little here... photoshop you have to buy right? I don't think i'll be doing that lol but I do use photobucket. That's something, right?

    yummmmyyy oh my gosh. Can we have one of those in MD? please and thank you

  10. I want that middle picture of that cookie sandwich right now!! Yum!!
    AND it's a good price! Even better!

  11. Those ice cream sandwiches! I am dying. So delicious.

  12. um I totally hate you right now in a nice way for showing us those yummy ice cream treats!! I may have to take a detour from my Vegas trip to come snag one!! Hope you're having a good weekend! :)

  13. Those look delicious! Hey honey! I'm a new follower! I found you through the So Cal Blogger meet up...can't wait to meet you in person! Have a fabulous weekend! Kori xoxo

  14. that name sounds so familiar. diddy reise? hmmm. Well anyways I'm pretty much down for ice cream and cookies and I assume the fresh combination is well worth a trip to LA soon. I might go tomorrow to visit RealityLa church and perhaps a visit is in store :). thanks for sharing girl.


  15. good luck! study hard so you can post tutorials on here...for us!

  16. YAY!! you found it ..
    i love that place ..
    do you like hookah?
    Did you see Habibi across it?
    AMAZING PLACE! .. around
    UCLA they have great restaurants
    and great environment ..

    about picnik
    I WANT TO DIE ..
    why are they doing this to me!
    ... google is buying
    it or something like that.

    :( super sad x 3939439493

    Melina ♥

  17. Ash- we just bought photoshop for work but they aren't paying for training so if you find some tutorials that are worth watching- would you mind sharing?! Thanks! :) -Steph

  18. Oh myyyyyyy...that looks SO good! My mouth is watering!

    I love photoshop! It's AMAZING once you get the hang of it :) I've taken quite a few digital photography classes and we did a lot of work on photoshop, so i pretty much know it like the back of my hand!

  19. Wait a minute I was just there last night!!!!

  20. I love your blog and congrats on your marriage. I am having a giveaway on my blog. You may be interested in. Check out my blog for more information.

  21. OMG!! That looks amazing! Where is it in LA?? I need one :)

  22. pretty sure I love you even more for sayin fiddy cnet

    ok those look fantastic!!! i never thought to make cookie icecream sandwich with M&M COOKIES!!! thank you for sharing this and that place looks like a place that needs to open in boston!

    AGH! i want your life lol


  23. Oh wow! THose look AMAZING! I'm so glad that you posted this because my husband and I are heading to LA in the spring, so we'll have to put this on our list of to-dos.

  24. Yum that looks good. And why's picnik closing?!

  25. The new one is fun but I think I liked the old one better! It's such a tragedy that picnik is closing. Serious Serious tragedy. I too will be studying up on PSE unfortunately. And the ice cream cookie looks aaaamazing!!

  26. Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious! I was so bummed when I read about Picnik today!! I don't have photoshop so I need to figure something out. I like the new blog design!

  27. Diddy Riese is amazing!! I miss living closer to Westwood so that I could go more often. Enjoy it for me!!


  28. those look to die for (literally, because I can't have dairy).

  29. That looks so dang good! I want one!

    And yes I heard picnik is closing! It broke my heart!!
    Not really, but now I will have to find a new photo editing ;)

    With Love. M

  30. Oh my gosh. That looks AMAZING!!!

  31. i have never of Diddy Rise but I'm fairly certain we need them on the east coast right away! loving your new blog design - you should definitely keep it!!

  32. Diddy Riese is sooo good and cheap! I love it! And the new layout is bomb! Super cute!

  33. Holy cow....those babies need to get in my belly RIGHT NOW!! I'm a sucker for ice cream of any kind...yum!!

    And I'm super sad about sucks!


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