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Things To Do In...Los Angeles

16 January 2012

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I have been so lucky to get lots of e-mails and suggestions from you all about things I need to see and do while we spend our three months here in Los Angeles... I especially have been relying on Megan (from Across The Pond) because she knows the city like the back of her hand and has given me some great suggestions on what to do.....including heading to Malibu to Zuma (beach, that is).  It is a fantastic and beautiful area--- so clean.  And don't worry about the online warnings of "no pets" because there were no less than 20 dogs when we went last weekend.  You can do this beach for FREE if you park along PCH, or you can drive in and pay to park for the day-- but free parking is only a mile away, so get some exercise and save your money!  Once you get there, you will see a HUGE rock formation called Pointe Dume.  There are usually always rock climbers here, and if you go around it there is a hidden little beach called Paradise Cove.  So beautiful and so worth the 25 minute drive from LA.  We were fortunate to be there past sunset and HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN, the sunsets were incredible.  It honestly didn't look like real life.  It was amazing.  Be sure to grab breakfast/lunch or a quick cocktail on the beach at Paradise Cove  & then head back towards LA and make a stop at Duke's.  We did, and we will be going back!  It was amazing!  I am going to start with the sunset pictures because...well, you'll see...

Dinner at Duke's---overlooking the ocean!  And the food was AMAZING.  I scarfed my fish tacos DOWN. 
At dinner husband got the mango BBQ burger.  The burger was cooked to perfection, he ordered it medium rare and it was exactly that.  The sweet mango and BBQ combo were awesome.  I ordered the BAJA fish tacos and did one grilled and one beer battered.  They were both equally delicious and were just the thing to curb my appetite after a day at the beach.  We also tried a few house beers, and non disappointed.  We also loved sitting outside in the barefoot bar where the heat lamps kept us warm while we watched the last surfers of the day catch waves as the sun went down.  This is definitely a must eat at place!  

Duke's Malibu on Urbanspoon

Perfect way to spend a Saturday?  Oh, yes...


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  1. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love them. You're so talented. :)

  2. Those pictures are sooo gorgeous! I'm glad you're enjoying Los Angeles and have a ton of places lined up to visit :)

  3. Wow! How beautiful!! I'm so coming to visit and we're going there!

  4. You may have had this suggestion already, but you should totally check out the LACMA ( It's (mostly) free, and looks SO cool. My sister loves it, and I'm planning on going there when I visit this month.

  5. eeeeeeeeek! so loving your pictures and life right now!!! and guess what friend!! iphone 4S will be mine this thursday!! YAY friends again!!

  6. your photography skills are blowing my mind Ashley! love it.

    I haven't seen a beach in wayyyy too long. I should come visit hehe

    a list of what's to come this week? amazing!


  7. love the pictures! you guys should take a trip to newport beach (balboa peninsula) sometime! so many things to do, i know haha.

    i noticed you're coming to the meet up! yay! :)

  8. These pictures are just amazing and I'm so jealous that y'all are in Cali. Trust me, way better than Dallas. We do not have views like that. I would pay a lot of money to be on the beach right now and not at a desk! Happy Monday love :)

  9. Zuma Beach is amazing :)
    i have good memories there ♥

    Melina ♥

  10. This made me so homesick. driving PCH from Redondo to Malibu is one of my favorite things to do, and Dukes is a must! So glad you guys stopped there! Looks like you're loving your time in LA... if you want tips on exploring the South Bay, let me know~ I'm a 20-year expert ;)

  11. Wow! Gorgeous. Love the pictures!!

  12. Gorgeous! California has some of the best coastline in the world. It's great that parts of Malibu are so dog friendly. My hubby and I will have to bring our dogs there for a day upon our return!

  13. Amazing pictures! My favorite is Bella in the sand...can we say professional picture? :)

  14. seriously girl - your photos are amazing! you capture scenery so awesomely! loving your life right now and that we get to be part of it! yay!

  15. another great place for you and the pup is Runyon Canyon. Lots of great trails, desert plants, great views of amazing homes, and you can have doggies off the leash!!

  16. Gorgeous pictures of the sunset on the beach! Looking forward to friday's letters link up!!

  17. Duke's is AMAZE!!! I hope you had some Hula Pie!
    If you're ever in the Bu again, you should go to Neptune's Net... it's right on PCH and kinda a beach shack restaurant, but it's so fun and they have some good eats (:

  18. ahhh i wish I was you!! or wish I was with you

    california looks so beautiful and i love following along with your new chic life!!!

    i need to goto paradise cove...tomorow

    im excited for hubbys fitness post!!


  19. your travels ALWAYS MAKE me so happy! these are beautiful!


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