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800 Degrees!

02 February 2012

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After spending an amazing day at Disney (more pictures to come soon!)
We got the chance to meet up with our new LA friends Britt and her husband Marco.
We decided to try out a new place in the area called 800 degrees.
One of my husband's patients from Naples swore it tasted extremely authentic....

here is our night in pictures!

long line for pizza, but totally worth it!

upon entering the line you see your individual handmade fresh dough being shaped. 

fresh sauce, and fresh cheeses (like the mozzarella pictures above) is added next
after going through and picking out gourmet toppings like proscuitto,  pine nuts, arugula and caramelized onions..
(britt and her husband picking out their "extras"!)

THEN the pizza's get popped in an 800 degree wood-burning oven to be cooked to perfection.
I love IZZE

I got a proscuitto and arugula WAS as amazing as it looks.

our pizzas!  and can you believe these are $6-$10 bucks.  crazy!

okay don't look at me, I was just the decoy so we could take pictures of timothy olyphant who was sitting right behind us.
celeb spotting!  I am so LA now. 

husband's margherita pizza...yum.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

and then we went to a candy store, most amazing candy store EVER!

I wanted everything...... but had to keep reminding  myself of my "get fit" goals. UGH.

I love rootbeer too......

and then to finish off the night, we headed to Diddy Riese (yes, we have been there about 8 times now)

nothing better than slapping some ice cream in between to cookies for a buck fifty. amazing.

Diddy Riese Cookies on Urbanspoon

It was a pretty fantastic pre-birthday celebration.
Pizza, celeb spotting, candy store, great company and ice cream and cookies?
I mean... what could have topped that?
also, you should head over to Britney's blog, 
--she is the sweetest ever and my newest real life friend.

Over & Out,
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so. fancy.

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  1. oh my gosh, it's 11pm & you've got me so hungry!! Those pizzas are delicious! You're 'so LA now' ha love it! Going to check out her blog now!

  2. Looks good enough to eat. Those ice creams..$1.50? I'd be there far too often!!

  3. Okay... I must go to all of these places when I come to LA!

  4. OK they NEED to bring Diddy Riese to Houston. I bet they make a KILLING yet it's still so cheap for everyone else.

    PS-what do you use to edit your pics? I always love what you do to them... :)

  5. I just love this post and your photos!!! Beautiful

  6. All this did was make me so hungry! I want cookies and candy now! Plus both of the pizzas look delicious!

  7. Mhmm isn't Diddy Reese the best? I used to go all the time while I was completing my undergrad degree at UCLA :)

  8. Oh my goodness, I grew up in LA and I feel like you know some parts of it better than I do! I've never been to 800 degrees but am adding it to my favorites so I remember to go when I go back for another visit!

    And Diddy Riese is SO good! My mouth waters just thinking about it! Looks like one amazing birthday!


  9. Wow what a great way to celebrate. That pizza looks amazing, definitely going to make a stop there the next time I'm in LA!

    Excited to see you Saturday!
    xo, Kelsey

  10. That place looks super good!!

  11. Such great pictures, and an even better night!
    So glad you've made new friends....David and I are finally starting to meet people here. Its hard when you're not in school anymore, isn't it?!

    And i drool every time I see that cookie place.

  12. I'm feeling SUPER hungry now after all those yummy looking treats. I feel like I'm learning about all the great places in Cali for when I visit there ((one day!))

  13. That place looks and sounds so much like this one pizzeria we have her in DC called 2 Amy's!!

    Omg that candy store looks like heaven on earth!

  14. Mmmm, that looks delicious. You're making me want to visit LA!

  15. I'm a new reader here - and I adore your blog already! Looks like you had a great time at 800 Degrees :-)

    You take utterly fantastic photos. Do you sell any as prints?

  16. You made me hungry with the pics.

    Also, I love the buttons. How did you place them on the blog?

    XO Lourdes

  17. Sunday was so fun! I am so happy you moved to LA even though it is just for a few months. We have to have another date night there soon. This place is so dangerous!

    BTW your pictures look amazing! The one at the candy shop is awesome. Marco likes the one with the dough.

  18. The first time you posted about the ice cream show I immediately told my fiance about it! I cant wait to try it out! yummy!

  19. I'm pretty sure I'd go to Diddy Riese every night if I lived there. Looks like a great night!

  20. Diddy Riese looks amazing. That pizza.. ohhemgee! I want a slice now. And love the celeb sighting!

  21. What a great night. Yummy pizza, celeb siting(I don't know what I would do if I saw him! I'd want to say Hi but wouldn't want to be intrusive), and yummy cookie with ice cream!! AND that candy store!! I would be in heaven.

  22. that's it... I'm heading up there JUST to try that place. looks soooo good! P.S. you should head to Orange to try out Bruxie. Waffle sandwiches for the win!

  23. These photos are amazing! I just discovered your blog and I love it, I'm following right now! :)

  24. looks fab! love the documentation of photos, I so love doing this too..., And that pizza, just like out of Napoli, yum, right!?

  25. i am SOOO FAR BEHIND on commenting blogs eeek! ok so wow what a long line for pizza!! theres a place in boston that has FANTASTIC pizza and ive waited 2 hours for it..seriously worth it!

    those look so yummy and i love the nonchalantness of the picture of timothy hahah who is he WITH!!??

    that candy store looks legit

    im continuously jealous of your california life


  26. I love your pictures, girl! I'm starving now after this post!


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