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Overheard In LA... {Part 5}

28 February 2012

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Is it too soon for another one of these?  I went hiking this past weekend and literally got almost all of my material just from eavesdropping on conversations on the way up and down.  Runyon Canyon has turned into one of my favorite spots to hike.  For one, its not ridiculously far from us, there is always great people watching and the view at the top is one of the prettiest 360° view of LA, the valley and the Pacific.  Anyways, this time, I left some of my own comments in pink after the conversations.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I always do!

::Runyon Canyon::
Hipster guy (dressed in skinny jeans, alligator skin shoes, a v-neck and shades...on a HIKE.)
Hipster Guy: So, I guess he has been more successful in the "traditional" sense than me.
Girl: Like, he is making a lot of money?
Hipster: Riiiiight.  Which is so overrated if you are compromising your craft.
*rolls eyes, trips on a log*
you're right hipster kid, getting paid for a living is so overrated. 

::Runyon Canyon::
Fit, Tan, Australian Man: You've gawt to reeeally lewk inside your haert and pool from witheen. 
(translation: you've really got to look inside your heart and pull from within).
Pudgy,White Kid With Lisp: yeah I really think thasa good idea, and I should jus get out here and walk!
Fit, Tan, Australian Man: Pri-Sci-Slee! (Precisely)
Pudgy, White Kid With Lisp: Then I can set a goal to be like you.
Fit, Tan, Australian: Well... everyone is different.
You mean not everyone can be as pretentious as you?

::Runyon Canyon, at the very top::
Girl #1: Look at all that fog!
Girl #2: That's like smog. Like dirt or something.
Girl #1: Do you think if everyone turned on their blow dryers and pointed up that it would push it all
higher in the air and then it would be clear?
Girl #2: That would be sweet!
Go for it girls, that would be a nice way to spend a Saturday.

::Chipotle, Newport Beach::
Girl #1: How many calories does cheese got?
Guy #2: It depends I think.
Girl #1: But vegetables don't have any calories, right?
Girl #2: Um, not like of fat.
Girl #1: I bet ice has like zero calories. And then you burn like 100 when you chew it.
I don't think it works that way. 

::Newport Beach::
Tourist woman: You know I heard that Balboa Island is surrounded by water..all the way around!
hence the world ISLAND?

::Runyon Canyon, two film students, I assume::
Film Student #1: So what is your film about?
Film Student #2: I don't know what is about, but I can tell you what happens.
It's like in a classroom, but....its really just a room.  And when Mallory 
pukes in the corner its like, exquisite. 
I have no words for this one...

Over & Out, 
And in case you missed it...
PART 1   

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  1. the answer to your first question is is never too soon for an overhead in LA post because i look forward to these!! haha

    i like the way you spell out how the aussie man talks hahahah i read it in the accent.

    the hairdryer comment. I just cant. SERIOUSLY!!??

    and the film words...hahah you should VIDEO some of these!! priceless haha


  2. This has to be the funniest thing I've read all week. I'll keep my ears open next time on the bus in Denver.


  3. Dang, it was foggy today... I shoulda used my blowdryer on the sky. Shoot.

  4. I love. love these posts! Please keep them coming. :)

  5. i LOVE these posts! keep them comin'!

  6. bahahaha!!! These are so fantastic. Oh, people watching in LA, how I miss you.

  7. haha! i love these posts. the island one is hilarious.

  8. I love these :) I've honestly started thinking about an overheard in cbus posts! People just amazes me :) I love that blow comment...hilarious!

  9. when i read these i get scared that i know some of the people that are saying this ish..and i wouldnt be surprised..

  10. HAHAHAHAHA. I love the hair dryer one. And the ice cube one. Apparently I don't need to run anymore... just eat ice cubes. Thanks for the tip. :)

  11. These are so hysterical, I can't stand it. Everytime I see the title pop up on my reader, I know Im in for a good laugh.

  12. YAY! I get so excited when a new issue of "Overheard in LA" comes out ;-)

    "*rolls eyes, trips on a log*"
    I seriously cackled out loud at my desk!

  13. These posts always make my day!! Seriously, where do these people come from ha??

  14. HAHAHA this is just fantastic. I could literally hear the fit Australian man speaking in my head. People are so funny - I thoroughly enjoy eavesdropping. Great post!

  15. Haha! I love when you post these :) The blowdryer and the island ones had me bust-a-gut laughing. Unbelievable! Do you ever chime in on these conversations?

  16. Ok, your Australian typing put the words better in my head than I could've done if you had written it regularly and I ATTEMPTED to put on accent on it. Love it!
    And as far as the no is the only thing they got correctly there. Lol. I know you burn SOME calories chewing ice but I have no idea how many...

  17. Aww you were in Newport?!? And I missed you! I would love to hear what you think about it! I overhear some of the funniest conversations on a daily basis.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  18. hahaha that last one is HILARIOUS! Actually they all are. I have to start eavesdropping more...I never knew what I was missing! haha..
    thanks for the giggle today!

  19. Omigosh! This is hilarious! I LOVE overhearing random shiz that people say!

  20. I absolutely LOVE these. So hilarious! I just cant believe some of these people. Wow

  21. Oh. My. gosh.

    That film student who has no clue what his own project should "pools from witheen"until he figures it out.

    I'da pushed 'em all off the trail. You were on high ground, right?

  22. Bahahaha!! I'm seriously DYING.

    Hair dryers?! The island? The film?! Seriously. Can't handle it. And my coworkers must think I have issues, because I'm laughing so hard.

    I've been compiling a list of the weird and crazy things I overhear at work, thanks to you. People be trippin'.

  23. oh yaii I know what i'll be doing with my blow dryer tonight!! hahah these are too fun!

  24. Your 'Overheard in LA' are some of my absolute favorite! So it is never too soon for a new one haha. I can't believe I haven't heard conversations like these in LA...or maybe I just haven't paid much attention. It's a bit embarrassing but really hilarious too. Keep them up! (:

  25. I love these posts! Its so ridiculous! Keep em coming!

  26. ahhh. HOW embarrassing! haha people really don't think before they speak. I'm going to start recording the dumb conversations I have with friends... I'm sure I'm not too far from these people sometimes. I just don't realize it.


    p.s. LOVING this series of you. Do make it a regular :)!!

  27. I literally just sat on my couch laughing out loud. These are priceless and I adore the Australian accent you typed (perfect)!

  28. Hahahah, that's awesome. I particularly enjoy the blow dryer comments and the Chipotle conversation.
    Thanks for eavesdropping so you can provide a laugh to us all ;-).

  29. Love these - although is it weird that some just sound normal to me?? Too much time living in LA I think :)

  30. It still amazes me how some (most) people are out here! I love the blow dryer one :)

    Oh, I forgot to tell you....the girl who told on us at Dr. Phil was on there! Urrrgh!

  31. Oh my heavens LA people are ridiculous! Loved that australian accent you typed haha

  32. Hahaha oh hipsters, they're just soooo cool.

    and about that Balboa Island comment.. Well actually Balboa Island isn't really completely surrounded by water because contrary to it's name, it's actually a peninsula. Weird right? It still wins as one of my favorite places in OC :)

  33. So funny the way you described my accent. :P Love them, can never have too many!!!

  34. Ok, this one makes me a tiny bit embarrassed to be from LA - especially the last one, and the one about burning calories by chewing ice. I WISH it worked that way!


  35. Lol!! Love that you remembered are too funny Ashley!

  36. i thank my lucky stars every time I read these posts that I NEVER associated with any LA people who say things like that. But this is pure comedy.

  37. Point a blowdryer at it and see if it goes away?? SERIOUSLY?!?!

    I am shaking my head in shame right now.

  38. Gosh, I love these!! So funny!!!


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