07 February 2012

So-Cal Blogger Meetup!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a southern california blogger meet-up.  A few weeks ago when I signed up, the list was around 30 and I was overwhelmed by meeting so many girls (and at that point I didn't know anyone). Well, if I thought thirty girls was a lot, you can't imagine how nervous I was when the final guest list had well over 65 bloggers PLUS a waiting list to come to the event.  Yes, event. Not hang out.  The event was put together by a handful of seriously talented (and patient!) ladies.  Tammy, Hollie, Olivia, Kelsey, Stephanie & Kai delivered in a huge way with over $3,000 worth of prizes (everyone won something, how cool is that?) as well as swag/grab bags for everyone. The venue was an amazing little sushi place called Roppongi's in La Jolla, California.  It was amazing--- to say the least.  Before the meet-up I had the opportunity to to drive down with my newest real life friend Britney to meet up with Julie from Smitten Minton's! I also got to meet Stephanie, Meg, Selma and Leann at brunch in Del Mar! Del Mar is a pretty beautiful spot--- green grass, cute boutiques, ocean.  Amazing.  Let me quit rambling and show you some pictures from the day.  There may or may not be at least 30 pictures in this post. I couldn't help  myself. 

Brit, Julie & Stephanie (who is from Michigan!  Represent!)

brunch at Pacifica Del Mar  (if you live close, this little city is definitely worth a trip!)

julie's french toast....amazing, right?
This little spot was a little ways up from the water, with an okay view.  We ordered our food and took numbers back to our tables and everything was delivered within 15 minutes.  Portions were massive and everything was delicious.  The Breeze Cafe is a seat yourself, order at the counter kind of place and while a waitress does come around to refill waters every now and then, this cafe is really laid back. Overall I gave this restaurant a 7/10.

Pacifica Breeze Cafe on Urbanspoon

julie & I

horse sized dog we ran into...

group picture by the ocean.... everything was fine until Leann yelled "a bird just pooped on me!"
we didn't believe her....until...

she showed us the poop!  ah, crap.  literally. 

Oh, Britney is a model. No big deal. 

closest thing to an outfit post I will ever get.
shirt: j.crew, jeans: target, boots: aldo

del mar living
 AND THEN, we headed to the meet-up!  As soon as we rolled up I knew that it was going to be intense, so many ladies, a professional photographer, and everyone was dressed to the nines.  INSANE!

amazing appetizers

amira from shades of gray!  I just love love LOVED HER. 

handing out presents!!!

Roppongi on Urbanspoon

from left to right: tammy, kelsey, stephanie, kai, olivia
ashley krieger, do you see I am wearing your b-day gift to me?!

I won a cuteeeee dress from  SHOP FRANKIE'S.  Check out the online store!
I won the leopard buckle dress!
 There was an awesome  little photobooth spot too!

And then after heading to Smash Burger for some fries (obviously), we headed down to take a peek at the  beach before rolling out.  So glad we did, because not only is it insanely, picture perfect gorgeous, there was also a whole beach of seals (some giving birth) and it was an amazing sight to see!


look at this one smiling at the camera.... SO CUTE.

If you wanna stalk see more pictures of the blogger meet-up my the professional photog, you can see them all right HERE.   

Over & Out,

p.s.  are you getting your short stories ready for the link up thursday?!?


  1. That looks like a blast!!! I wish there could be something like that near me!

  2. Im sooooooooooooo jealous. I wanna meet you ladies! It looks like you had an amazing time and you are beautiful!

  3. I am so jealous. This is amazing! I wish I was a California girl.

  4. This looks so awesome! I wanna go to a blogger meet up!

  5. Ashley, you got some amazing pictures! Your little Mark is not letting you down :-) Again, I had such a great time meeting you "in real life." You were so much fun to be around :-) We WILL hang out again!


  6. Looks like SO much fun! Love your outfit!! You're always so cute!

  7. Your pictures came out great!! My favorite is the one of the great dane! :) I want to take him home...Wilma would love him.

  8. looks like so much fun!

    loving your outfit!

  9. Looks sooooo fun! I wanna be in so-cal! Love your outfit and nice work on the win! :)

  10. I LOVE seeing two bloggy friends hang out in real life! I wish I was in SoCal for this!

  11. Your pictures are amazing (as usual)! It looks like this event was so much, how awesome to meet so many new friends! It's funny because I've been seeing other people's blog post about the event and I keep seeing you pop up in their pictures--looks like you had a great time!

    PS: Love the colored skinnies! I need to get some of those ASAP!

  12. Your recap is so so perfect, just like all the pictures you posted! :) Aren't the seals amazing? La Jolla Cove is seriously my fav part in San Diego, sigh.

    Thanks so much for making the trek down to San Diego and joining us. I had so much fun getting to you... now you just have to come back down :)


  13. Yep, writing is in progress! Love the pictures! Beautiful!

  14. Such a fun day! I am loving all your pictures. How many did you end up taking that day?

  15. Looks so fun! oh and YOU ARE GORGEOUS! and I love your pics :)

  16. I want your body. And I mean that in a completely heterosexual way. Seriously girl I have 40 something days to get your bod. I hear the treadmill calling my name.

    and since we already talked about the meet-up, I was really psyched to see more pics : ) This made me really want to go to a meet-up.. well actually it makes me want to go to Cali!


  17. This looks like such a great time! Can't believe all 65 got to take home a gift :)

    And you are seriously gorgeous! I think you should definitely start doing outfit posts!


  18. you had quite the jam-packed day on Saturday! man... i was EXHAUSTED with just the meet-up. love the pictures!

  19. Oh my gosh, this blogger meet-up event looks SOOOO amazing! I'm so jelly that we don't live in SoCal too. I love all of you ladies & your blogs!! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  20. HOW FUN!!! love all the pictures!! lady, you are gorgeous!! and i am in love with your outfit!! i wish i could pull it off!!

  21. Oh men.. I cant believe I missed out on this?! All the gifts are beyond adorable! I love Amira!!Aww ok next time for sure!! I'll be there!!

  22. I'm getting those jeans tomorrow from Target!! I love them & feel that they are a must for Vegas!

  23. Omg that meet up looks like it was SO much fun!! Gorgeous pictures!

  24. Poor Leeann...really! :( You seriously took amazing pictures girl!! :D

  25. I wanted to go to this sooo bad! I forgot to sign up and then it was too late. I love the pictures!! I will def have to remember to sign up early for the next one :)

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  27. Looks like such an amazing time! It would have been fantastic to meet all you lovely ladies! I guess I'll have to move to California! Ps - your outfit was super cute!!!

  28. Amazing pictures, what a wonderful event. I want to go sometime for sure!


  29. How fun!! I wish I had been able to make it down...maybe next time :) Gorgeous pictures!

  30. Effing bird! Seriously, had I seen it from that angle i would have cried lol!

    Great meeting you :)

  31. That looks like such a good time!!! I'm glad it was fun. Gosh, I really have to get into this blogging world! You really can meet a lot of great people!!
    Loved the pictures too. And of the seals!! So cute. That's pretty amazing to see them all :)

  32. Great photos! You captured the day so well. Again, it was so nice meeting you.

  33. I wish I would have met you Saturday! I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and love it :) We'll have to make it a priority to say HI at the next meet-up! :)

  34. awwww i LOVE that you wore it!!! :):)

    and you finally found your colored jeans - they look so spicy! i'm in love with your whole outfit.

    and that you and julie are in real life friends now! eeek - can't wait for the next time we get to hang out!!

  35. How fuuuun!! Seals giving birth, birds pooping, horse sized dogs?! What could be better?! hahaha! But seriously, kinda wish I was a socal blogger right now. And so jealous that you met Amira! I think she's the only other one I recognized... I'm sure I know more.

  36. i am so sad i missed this :(
    Like i told Amira .. with Las Vegas
    and missing work, there was no way i
    could of missed work again that
    weekend :( I had to make up my hours.
    Hopefully they will do another one
    soon so i can join all of you <3

    you look really pretty in all the
    pics love! and congrats on getting
    that beautiful dress!


  37. That picture of you it so cute! I love your outfit! Looks like y'all had an amazing time!!

  38. These photos are brilliant Ashley! And the food looked so delicioso! Wishing for some of that sunny SoCal weather as I am currently getting dumped on by white, very cold stuff. Over it! :))


  39. Holy albino! Seriously, I look see-through in that picture of you and me! AH! Anyways, it was such a fun day! And I can't wait for Monday! haha

  40. I hope to one day attend the socal blog meet up. Looks like major fun! Born and raised a Southern Cali gal (San Gabriel Valley). Love your blog. GREAT photo's. Can't wait to read more.


  41. Dude, I need to come to the next SoCal meet-up! For realsies. I need some bloggy friend lovin' in my life.

    New to your blog. It's fun reading through all of your posts!

    Along Abbey Road

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