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Places to Eat...In LA [Sprinkles Cupcakery}

26 March 2012

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After trying Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago, I got several suggestions to try out  Sprinkles Cupcakery.  It was just a few more blocks down the road from Crumbs so last week I grabbed the husband and Baby B and jumped in the car.  Husband considers himself sort of a chocolate connoisseur and is the last word on what is a good chocolate dessert, and what is a great  chocolate dessert.  (And in case you are wondering, there is never a "bad" chocolate dessert because as husband says,  "if it includes chocolate, its automatically good. DUH.") Sprinkles boasts that it was the first cupcake-exclusive bakery in the country and has since sparked several imitation cupcakeries in the country.  Of course, Crumbs and Sprinkles are in direct competition being so close to one another, so we had to figure out who had the superior cupcake...

One of the first things I noticed was the cupcake ATM simply enter your cupcake order on a touchscreen computer, insert your payment and then a few seconds later your cupcakes are delivered in the same way you would take cash from an ATM.  This is for people who didn't want to stand in line and order inside the shop.  Of course, we wanted to peek inside so we stood in the line--- and there is always a small line here, so  be prepared to wait for about 15 minutes.

Once we got inside we got to see all the cupcakes they were making for the day.......  they all looked really great.  The major difference between Sprinkles & Crumbs is the variety and selection.  Crumbs offers lots of flavors with lots of fun, colorful toppings and Sprinkles just had a few flavor choices for the day.

I chose the strawberry cupcake!

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husband got a chocolate marshmallow 
The one thing I didn't like about Sprinkles was how "corporate" it felt.  We were called in from the line outside and had to hurry up and order.  The ladies behind the counter had a very efficient system but lacked warmth and a friendly smile.  --Not to say they were rude, but it definitely wasn't as friendly as Crumbs.

our cupcakes

One thing I really LOVED about Sprinkles was the fact that they offer a doggie cupcake!  It has a yogurt based frosting which is safe for pets.... of course, Baby Bella got one!

yum, yum!
I think Bella loved her cupcake! 

Husband enjoyed his too...

yes, I worked out THEN went and ate cupcakes.... I know.....  

Overall, I think I would choose to visit Crumbs again over Sprinkles, although the strawberry cupcake at Sprinkles was one of the best I have ever had.  It was super moist with real piece of strawberry.  Delicious. It's a close call, but Crumbs wins this "cupcake war" (har har!).  Overall we gave Sprinkles a 7/10.  Bella gave it a 10/10.

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  1. If I ever go to LA I will need to witness the amazingness of a Cupcake ATM! What a great idea! =D

    Based off your posts I think Crumbs looks like a better bet, but maybe I'll just have to try them both!

  2. I just had my first Sprinkles at the Standford Mall near Stanford University, we LOVED them! It was honestly the best cupcake i've ever had, ....although I haven't been to Crumbs yet, maybe that's next!
    My daughter and I had the white cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and then I got 2 to go, a Coconut, and Red Velvet, and b/c we were traveling, I didn't get one for my dog, but I saw those and wanted to bring him home one!

  3. I've never had crumbs. But I love the deliciousness that is Sprinkles. I get to have them at least once a year. The closest one to me is about 3 hours away. But I'm headed to Southern CA soon and will for the Second time already this year get to have Sprinkles. :) -Strawberry, Lemon & Cinnamon Sugar are my favs.

  4. i miss sprinkles sooooo much!! i want to move back just so i can eat those amazing cupcakes again.

  5. I love a cupcake - if I'm ever out west I will have to go!


  6. I never knew they had doggy cupcakes! That is adorable -- my pup may get a treat soon too! xo

  7. OMG haha Bella looks like she is IN HEAVEN chowing down on that cupcake!! She has definitely hit the dog lottery lol.

    We don't have Crumbs here so I like Sprinkles...for now ;)

  8. Those cupcakes look delicious and I think that is really neat that they sell dog cupcakes. The ATM delivery service is weird to me though!

  9. There is nothing like a good cupcake! I wish we had a really good cupcake store around here. (: My brothers girl friend is going to college for pastries and wants to open up a store so until then I might be on the search for a good shop

  10. I went to Georgetown Cupcakes in DC, where they film the show DC Cupcakes a few years ago, and it was AMAZING. If you ever go to DC, def try it. I hear it rivals Sprinkles. Since then I've become a cupcake connoisseur and am suppressed how many cupcake bakeries I've found at home. Great post :)

  11. There are no Sprinkles in San Diego.. So I planned a trip as soon as I got back to AZ because I had been craving them for months! I think I built them up in my head too much. They were still delicious, but not the 10/10 that I had been dreaming of!

  12. aww the doggie cupcake! So cute. I've always wanted to go to Sprinkles. I hear it's amazing (and a cupcake ATM?! Yes please!).

  13. :O CUPCAKES! Mmmmm.
    That doggie cupcake is adorable. When I lived in Missouri, the place where we got frozen custard offered free "pup cups" and my puggle went crazy for those.
    Obviously, I'm going to have to bring him to Sprinkles sometime.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  14. Yummm. Those cupcakes look delicious! I especially love that doggie one. Too bad there's no cupcake ATM in Louisville (although, it's probably better for my thighs that there isn't one!).

  15. I want a cupcake now!! I LOOVE me some cupcakes.

  16. This looks like such fun! I wish we had a place like this in Louisiana. I'd keep them in business for sure! :)

  17. Oh my goodness! This post made me realized that it time for me to pay the Sprinkles in Chicago a visit... everything looks so delish!

  18. Oh my goodness I love your little pup! That is so cute they even give them cupcakes :) mine would be in heaven! Those cupcakes look a-mazing!!!

  19. yay! glad you went! the strawberry is my favorite one too! (great minds think alike)

  20. YUM! I do love me some Sprinkles...I think it's a tie between Karas and Sprinkles for me :) Great photos, Ashley!

  21. I love cupcakes! I've only been to one cupcake bakery and it was in Florida. And those cupcakes were delicious! Your photos are not only beautiful but definitely hunger inducing!

  22. OK, an ATM that dispenses your cupcake?! I don't think there is anything cooler than that! ;) I was drooling over that coconut cupcake! I just discovered a coconut donut in our local bakery and I can't get enough of 'em!

  23. Just found your blog through Randi at The Rodriguez Family and am loving it! My hubby and I tried Crumbs cupcakes for the first time while we were in NYC and loved them - so sinful! Now I'm thinking we may need to try the Sprinkles ones just to compare!:)

  24. YUM! :) Love the pictures! I want to get Bentley a cupcake!! SO cute!

  25. I love your Michigan tee! I live in Ypsilanti and work in Ann Arbor. I was going to ask you where you found it, but then I saw the link on the sidebar of your blog. THANKS for including it! I'm going to order a couple of tees today!!


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