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12 November 2012

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This year, I am ordering our family Christmas photos from Tiny Prints.  My catalogue came two weeks ago and I have had it sitting next to my computer since then.  I am trying to be really optimistic and wait for the first snowfall here in Michigan.  I REALLY want snow in our picture. I have had our outfits and props ready for a week but the weather just continues to troll me. Especially today, when the weatherman said  there was gonna be snow...but all that is happening outside is wet, gloomy rain. *shakes fist to sky*   Good thing I have a stinkin' cute puppy and a plan B to wrap Christmas lights around HER (while she is wearing her reindeer antlers of course) and call it good for the Christmas card photo. But, enough about that--- today,  I am offering one of you a $50 shop credit to tiny prints to choose your own Christmas Cards!  I mean, just check out how awesome these designs are...then scroll to the bottom and enter to win!  Winner will be chosen this Wednesday!

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  1. Mine automatically submitted before I typed in my Pinterest name :( I'm Kait Sawyer on there!

  2. I love the styling of these cards! We've been getting the Walgreens designs (usually because we don't plan ahead enough), but these are so much more "us". Thanks for posting!

    1. you're welcome! I also like shutterfly too-- they have some great designs as well but I am going to try out tiny prints this year!

  3. I love Tiny Prints! I want to win these to use for our first christmas card!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  4. I used Tiny Prints last year. They are great!!! Thanks : ) eksmith331 @

  5. I had never heard of Tiny Prints...such a cute idea! I love it. Hope you get some snow soon - we woke up to a small amount of it just this morning :)

  6. So many cute thing! :P
    Hoping you get some snow, even though that sounds kinda crazy. haha

  7. Never really seen any tinyprints cards but I've heard of them before. They look so cute! Thank you for offering a giveaway!

    Whitney ::

  8. Hi there! New follower, fellow Michigander here. Loving your blog -- and this awesome giveaway! Just wanted to stop in and say that I'm looking forward to reading more of your happenings. Cheers!


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