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08 January 2013

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Materials: elastic ribbon of choice, scissors, thread, needle, button detail of choice

You have probably seen these no-dent hair ties all over the place. Currently my favorites are from anthropologie because they have a gold glitter version which I love.  But, these hair ties are very easy to make with a few item froms your local craft store.  You can also order any color of satin elastic from various online stores to make your hair ties one of a kind!  I decided to make a few with this pretty stretch lace and a shiny detail!

Step One: Measure out about 11 inches of elastic (in the above left photo I had already folded  the lace elastic in half).
Step Two: Cut! 
Step Three: With elastic folded in half, tie a knot at the bottom and pull tight. *This is all it takes to make these hair ties if you have colored elastic.  If you can only find white satin elastic at your craft store, look for RIT dye and you can dye your elastic any color you would like (think ombre shades of hair ties!) before following these steps!
pull your knot tight! 
Step Five: Thread your button onto the needle.  Step Six: Push needle through the tied knot in one direction, and then immediately turn needle and push through the knot back from where you started. You are just securing the thread in the knot so you can tie down the button detail. 
Left: what your threaded button should look like.  
Step Seven: Trim excess  thread
BAM. You have a beautiful, unique hair tie! 

You can also make headbands as well! 

 and there is also a possibility stuff like this will happen during your craft.... 
gotta keep it real y'all.

Have you made a variation of this craft? Any secrets? Great sites with lots of elastic color options?
Let me know!

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  1. I actually just ordered a ton of colors yesterday from here:

    Definitely a lot cheaper than buying them all the time!

  2. That is such a good idea. I might try making this with my niece- she would love it.

  3. I got the Anthro headbands & some of the hair ties from Nordstrom as a gift for Christmas and I love them!

    The lace is so pretty on the one you made! Super easy craft!

  4. had no idea they made that lace ribbon in elastic! love the idea of making your own. i have been eying the anthro ones for awhile, but haven't made my way over to the store yet.

  5. Great idea! Adorable and fun!

  6. Love this! Especially the elastic lace. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. So incredibly cute! I need to do this immediately!

  8. Really cute. I love the one you let me keep! :)


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