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Portrait a Week | Week Two

15 January 2014

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It has been a crazy, crazy week around here.  Among trying to stay on top of business, meetings and photo editing (as well as prepare for 2015-- in which I already have three weddings booked for-gasp!), I am also working on getting Caleb on a schedule and sleeping in his own crib for his nap times.

I wouldn't say that either of those things have come very easily.  I am also in my first week of training for a half marathon the first week of April. So in order to make my day work where I can fit everything in, I have gotten up around 5:30 to work out before Caleb wakes up in the morning, and by the time I am going to bed (around 11) I am beat. So, you can say there is a lot on my plate and I am just a little tired.

I AM very grateful that I have decided to document Caleb this year with the "52 weeks project".  It forced me to take out my camera and I know I will be really happy that I have these photos later on.  I am already thinking about putting each photo into an album at the end of the year.  I think it will be a really cool thing to look back on as he grows up, and for him to have to see one day.

This photo was snapped during one of my attempts at putting him down for his nap.  He wakes up, notices I am not around and will start crying and crying these huge alligator tears, and as soon as I go pick him up he is all smiles again.  This particular photo was taken a few hours into this 'sleep, wake up, cry, get picked up' game we were playing and he was so exhausted but fighting sleep so I wouldn't put him back in his room...  I finally gave up and layed him on my bed, Bella jumped up and cozied in next to him.  He finally fell asleep and slept in that spot for two hours.  He's a stinker!

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  1. Precious! What half are you doing? Michigan has some great races.

  2. I LOVE the idea of putting them in an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Such a cute picture and what a little stinker!!! He'll learn this nap thing soon enough and it will get better!

  4. adorable! and holy marathon training - you go girl!

  5. This photo is adorable!! And how exciting training for a marathon!!

  6. He is absolutely adorable and good luck training!!!

  7. Just found you today - such a sweet blog & your photography skills are amazing!


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