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Brian + Jenny | Engaged

28 April 2014

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Last fall, right before Michigan welcomed the snow that would last for months, I met up with Jenny & Brian for their engagement session.  I don't know exactly how I get so lucky to have such drop dead gorgeous clients all the time, and these two were no exception.  Let's just talk about how stunning Jenny is for a second. Girlfriend is smokin' hot and you know what? She is also the sweetest soul. Brian is a lucky guy, that is for sure!  These two were such a blast, traveling all over downtown Grand Rapids and the countryside of Hudsonville in the cold weather.  I am beyond excited for their summer wedding; the location is amazing (think Barns and greenery and sunlight!), but more than that I am so happy to be working with such great people!  Here are some of my favorites from our time together!

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  1. Gorgeous!! you can see the love! Love her blue dress!

  2. It's funny that you mentioned how all of your clients are so good looking because I have noted that also. I think there's something about your side of the state because the general population here is not that beautiful (not ugly, but not models, either).

  3. These are stunning. Amazing job. I love her outfits for these pictures.


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