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Mujus Spotlight & Giveaway

17 April 2014

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A few months ago the coolest necklace arrived in the mail.  I was so excited to blog about it (and the company it is from) but we were in knee deep snow... The necklace screams warm weather, summertime and beaches to me and I knew I had to wait until warmer weather came. Fast forward months later, and we finally headed to Florida where I just knew I was going to get some great shots of this adorable necklace. Unfortunately my planned afternoon of taking photos for the blog was shattered when we had to make an emergency trip to ER with Caleb (don't worry, he's fine!)... and then, the next day it rained ALL day. Of course.   But, it doesn't matter because I think this cute accessory speaks for itself, rainy weather or not.

Mujus is a company that I can really get behind for several reasons.  First, the materials are all raw and organic. The products are crafted by artisans in Peru and Mujus is committed to paying fair wages, giving back and donates money for Lou Gehrig's research. Pretty stand up company if you ask me. Besides all that, their products are pretty adorable.  I love this colorblock necklace I got.  It really goes so perfectly with my chambray top and colored denim. I can't wait until Michigan decides to finally welcome spring and warm weather, because I have a few summer dresses that I am going to pair this with as well!  

Today, I am giving away one of these Qala Colorblock necklaces! All you have to do is scroll down and enter following the prompts below!  Be sure to check out the Mujus website and facebook page for special deals and discounts!  Also, for anyone who enters to win, Mujus will be sending a very special discount to your e-mail soon! Win Win!

Winner Announced on Monday! 

yeah I wore jeans AND a denim shirt to the airport. Mom style. aka #woof.

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  1. What an adorable necklace, love it!

  2. I love finding new fair trade and eco friendly companies! Thanks for introducing me!

  3. That is such a gorgeous necklace!!!

  4. I AM SO IN LOVE! i can't even believe it.

  5. I live in Florida so I want this! I love the fun colors and would definitely be able to rock it pretty much year round!

  6. Well, the pictures are lovely, worth the wait, I'm sure! Beautiful necklace!

  7. Um, I need this necklace in my life. So just end this giveaway now and declare me winner, k? :)

  8. Nothing wrong with denim on denim.. we call that the Canadian tuxedo.


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