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01 May 2014

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I haven't updated you all on Mr. Baby in far too long!  Caleb is just a handful, into everything and really the happiest little guy I know.  He has two little teeth peeking through on the bottom, has been trying to walk for about a week now (he pushes his little walker with assistance and tries to let go of things when he is standing).  He loves getting into cords, spilled water, the dog bowls and really anything else he isn't supposed to be into!  He will say "Ma-Ma MA MA!" when he is upset and will crawl towards me and want to be picked up so we know he is starting to understand what the words mean! He loves to laugh, watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse and has a freakout if we don't feed him EVERYTIME he sees us eating.  And he is OVER baby food, he wants the real stuff!  He has tried pancakes, french toast and vegetables and will literally eat anything we give him.  He is still my sweet little cuddle baby at night time, and gives the best (and sloppiest) kisses-- although, with those two teeth those kisses are starting to be a little painful! haha We love love loveeee are little guy!

I can't even start to think about the fact he will be ONE YEAR OLD in about 3 1/2 months!
I mean...HOW?!??!
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  1. How precious and I can't believe he's almost 9 months old. My goodness! Happy weekend!

  2. Time really does fly! My little one is 14 months old already. I keep begging her to stop growing! haha!

  3. They grow up too fast. I love it and hate it so much. Waaah

  4. He is just the cutest little man! The first year really does go by too fast!


  5. Aww, we had those jammies a couple months ago! He is really friggin adorable, Ashley!
    Babies make the time fly even more than you ever realized was possible! My son is going to be 1 YEAR OLD (!??!?) in 2 weeks. I literally can NOT believe it.


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