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Katelyn & Jordan | Married

29 August 2014

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It's no secret that there aren't many things I love more than a wedding day.  The details coming together, the excitement and the beauty... so many reasons that documenting loves stories is a passion of mine.  When I get to spend the day with couples who are kind, generous and perfect for each other its like Christmas morning for me.  Katelyn and Jordan's wedding was just that, and more.  Two kinder souls you won't find; Katelyn teaches special education and Jordan is a social worker.  Two people who daily live selflessly for others.   Both Jordan and Katelyn's family and friends were incredibly kind and made the day a joy.

I always love a groom who is beyond excited to marry his bride-- let's just say Jordan broke into a dance whenever he saw Katelyn for the first time.  You just have to smile when that happens!  These two were more focused on their marriage than the wedding day, but their details weren't lacking my any means.  From popcorn favors, to vintage furniture the reception was impeccably chic and beyond perfect!  So much so, that the Knot even featured them on their website! You can check that out HERE if you would like to!   (wahoo!)

Congratulations Katelyn & Jordan!  Here are some of my favorites from their day...

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DIY: Hand Dyed Ribbon

28 August 2014

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Lots of exciting things have been going on around here lately, one of which includes introducing some new packaging and gifts for my bridal clients.  Like many of you, I have been wooed and put under the spell of the amazing italian silk ribbon of frou frou chic.  I have been shelling out the dough to tie up prints with and boy, my bank account was starting to hurt.

I decided to try my hand at dyeing my own, not really knowing what would happen or if it would even work.  I have to say I am MORE than pleasantly surprised by the results, and am so excited that I now can make custom shades, sizes and basically whatever I want! I am going to be making lots of spools to tie around bouquets, style invitation suites with and, of course, use in my packaging!

Want to try to do this at home too? Here is what you'll need:  RIT dye in your color of choice, wooden spools found at a craft/hobby store, RAW silk fabric (I got mine at Joann's but any fabric store will probably carry it!), a bowl and spoon.

Take your fabric and make a small cut in it. Quickly tear fabric all the way down to create your ribbon.  The ribbon will be frayed and stringy because silk is pretty delicate, but that is okay!

Next, warm 3 cups of water in the microwave. Add dye until you achieve the desired color.  Dip your ribbon in!  To get an ombre look like I did, leave your ribbon in for varying amounts of time.  RIT dye is pretty potent, so for a very pale color use a TINY amount of dye and dip ribbon in and out of the water very quickly.  Once the ribbon is the color you desire, immediately place it out to dry in the sun for 10-15 minutes!  Once dried, clip off excess string from the edges and iron if you would like (I ironed mine!).  Place on wooden spools and tie off with excess ribbon!

I love how my ribbon turned out, and was surprised by how potent the dye was!  The dark magenta colored ribbon was in the my dye long enough for me to snap a photo and then I took it out.  For the palest color I added more water to dilute the dye and QUICKLY dipped my ribbon in and out.  I have these pretties sitting in a little bowl in my office now, and they colors are so pretty and cheerful! I am excited to experiment with other color combinations!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!  If you try it I would LOVE to see it! Tag my on instagram at @ashleyslaterphotography  or leave a comment with a link to your photos/post!

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