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The Bloom Workshop goes south!

31 July 2014

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We are having such an amazing time with Bloom in Michigan, and we listened to what you had to say...  "bring it to MY city!"  We heard from so many of you, that the south was where you wanted to see the next workshop, so we obliged!

The next workshop will be this October 23rd and the most amazing venue ever, Vinewood Plantation.
We have a slew of amazing (and I mean AMAZING) sponsors and will be sharing them over the  next week.  I am especially excited to be heading back to my original stomping grounds and visiting a few of the places that defined my childhood years!  But, I digress--

Registration for Atlanta opens NEXT Tuesday, and we are sure that the spots will be snatched up quickly, so take this week to talk with your spouse/friends/etc and decide if Bloom is a good fit for you!

For more information on what the workshop entails, visit  and if you still have questions you can contact either michaela or myself directly!  (,

We hope to see YOU in Atlanta this fall-- we'll be talking blogging, business and all things beautiful as we style a photograph a lovely shoot together.  The venue alone will have you drooling (check out the photos below) and the swag bag is filling up with items that even I want to steal for myself! EEP!  It's gonna be a good one y'all.

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Bloom Sponsors! Registration Opens tomorrow morning!

14 July 2014

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While I have been off photographing weddings and comforting an extremely ill baby (more on that another day!), the days have been creeping by and suddenly here we are-- registration for the fall Bloom Workshop opens TOMORROW morning at 8am!  I am so excited, and thrilled at the fab line up of sponsors who are donating items to the swag bags for all the lucky attendees.  Today I wanted to highlight some of them, and say a huge thank you for making Bloom that much prettier!

Plum Pretty Sugar: We can't help but squeal with excitement at the fact that PPS is donating something pretty to our attendee's swag bags this September. As one of our favorite creative companies, the unique and unmistakeable designs are playful, feminine, and sweet. Offering a range of products from Pajama sets, headbands, makeup cases, and luxurious bedding, the signature Plum Pretty Sugar fabrics will grab your eye every time. This company knows how to create and maintain a brand, something we know to be a vital aspect to your business, which is why we're so excited to have them as apart of our Bloom team!

Ashley and Malone: Our good friend Ashley has something gorgeous up her sleeve for the Bloom Workshop Website and we just can't wait to show you! It's getting a total makeover, so brace yourself. A&M design, create, and program beautiful and functional websites for their clients, and we are happy to be partnering with them for Bloom. Check out one of our favorite client's of theirs :)

Sweet Sugar Beet: We're happy to say The Sweet Sugar Beet is back as a sponsor for our September 18th workshop! Haley's adorable business card holders for each guest at the last workshop were such a hit, we just had to have her back for more fun! Each item in her shop is beautifully made with love and lots of playful color. How cute are her touches of gold?! 

The Object Enthusiast: This shop is a favorite of both Michaela and Ashley's, as she hand crafts beautiful little jars, vases and vessels, all topped off with gold (our favorite!)

Skoope Home: Meet our friend Shae of Skoope Home! She is a creative, savvy small business owner with bold style. Each guest will be lucky enough to walk away from the workshop with an inspiring print from her store! We love Shae's colorful and outgoing personality, as it totally shines through her work.

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Jared + Lori | Engaged

09 July 2014

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Jared and Lori attended high school together, passing each other from time to time at school but never really running in the same circle of friends.  They never interacted much throughout those four years and it wasn't until a few years later when Jared was serving as a marine overseas that they reconnected. After meeting up while he was on leave, it was-- as they say-- history.   I love love stories like this one, and it is so cool to see that you really never know who you are going to end up in love with.  I would like to take a moment and say thank you to Jared for serving our country in such a selfless way, I have such a respect for the men and women in the military who play a part in my protection and freedom, so thankyou jared!

Jared and Lori have such an effortless way with each other, and it is so refreshing to see a couple who seem to actually be best friends who just happen to also be in love with one another.  I loved my time with these two, and I cannot wait for what is sure to be an epic wedding this September!  Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session!

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The Next Bloom Workshop!

08 July 2014

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Guess what?! Today is the day we announce the second Bloom Workshop! Michaela and I both had the BEST day at the first workshop, and decided we couldn't stop there.   We put together this little video to share a little more about who we are and the goals we have for Bloom-- and please be kind, Caleb was tugging at my legs/bite-kissing and all around being distracting to me! HAH!

Last September was the first time Michaela and I had the chance to blend our creative talents together to create something beautiful and since then, it's been our heart's desire to find a grander way to do that. Both Michaela and I have a passion for people pursuing what they are passionate about in the creative fields. In order to help spur other's on, encourage, inspire and help other's navigate this creative industry we are both apart of in different ways, we've created a hands on workshop that will do all of the above.
The Bloom Workshop is geared toward creative women who have a blog, small business (or want to start either of those), desire to learn more about photography, design and styling, and how all of those things work together. With sessions on each of the above topics, plus an in depth look at how social media can help grow your blog or business, a peek into some bloggers who are doing it right, a styled photo shoot at the end of the day for you to practice your new photography and design skills, and a question and answer panel where you get to hear from talented bloggers, designers and photographers, the day is packed full of encouragement and inspiration. You'll also get to meet a ton of other creative women with like-minded passions.
Okay…want to know where and when the next workshop is?! 

Come join us in Rockford, Michigan at Hydrangea Blu Barn on September 18th, 2014.We decided since the Hydrangea Blu Barn was such a perfect location, why not do it again?! We will be bringing Bloom to other cities at a later date, but for now, we're ready to party again in Michigan with some talented creatives.  Check out our website with complete details about the day. We have some amazing sponsors for the workshop and can't wait to share them with you this coming week. {Seriously, the goodie bags that guest's will leave with are off the hook!! But they are valued at $450…so if that's not incentive enough to come, I'm not sure what is! ;) } 

Registration will be open NEXT TUESDAY, July 15th. You can check out all the registration details and prices for the workshop on the Event Brite page. You can like Bloom on Facebook to get updates, read about past attendee's experiences, and be the first to know when registration is open. Spots will be very limited so we can be sure to give the attendee's our best attention. Feel free to share this workshop with your friends, family and anyone you think would benefit from it. Look over your budgets, chat with your spouse or family and seriously consider if this workshop would be a great fit for you.  Because at the end of the day, that is what it is all about: it's for you to bloom and be inspired. Michaela and I would love to meet you!

                                                   Who will we see on September 18th?!

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4th of July 2014

07 July 2014

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Our 4th started out slightly on the traumatic end because I had the brilliant idea to give Caleb flags and take some photos with him... he was being so cute until he tried to turn and run with them (yes, his now trying to RUN after just starting to walk last week).  He turned, took 5 fast steps and down       he went... and then the crying started and then I realized he had come SO CLOSE to gouging his eye     out.  We realized giving him a sharp stick wasn't the smartest move... and thank the Lord he missed       his eye!

Thankfully, the rest of the day went pretty well and included lots of food, dessert, swimming and home fireworks.  I kept thinking back to last year when I was super pregnant and it was so fun to see Caleb this year, having fun and running around. It is seriously crazy how fast babies grow!  Here are some shots from our day!

wait, you say DON'T eat the grass? That seems silly mom.

let me taste it dad!

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