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Bloom Workshop Recap | Michigan (Part One)

20 October 2014

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Roughly one month ago, the second Bloom Workshop came to Rockford, Michigan.  The morning was crisp and foggy, notebooks had carefully been placed a each seat, coffee was brewed and tiny details were hastily tweaked and arranged before the large barn doors of Hydrangea Blu creaked open to welcome girls that had come from near and far. This was it, Bloom was in full force!

There is something you should know, something I hope you already know without my having to say it (but I will say it anyway).  Michaela and I pour SO much energy into creating these workshops; and while we have fallen in love with Bloom and everything it stands for that doesn't mean we have it all figured out all the time. The unique thing about Bloom is the meaningful and authentic community that it is creating; and we learn just as much from everyone who attends as we hope they learn from us.  So that moment when the doors pull back, and the excited faces come into view is the BEST moment.  It means that all the hours of vendor calls, confirmation emails, research,  and set-up has been worth it. 

This past September we wrapped the final Bloom workshop for Michigan in 2014 and it couldn't have ended any more perfectly.  Our day began as it always does, with lots of caffeine and breakfast. Ashley & Malone provided the BEST mugs for us and we couldn't love the quote more: "Love what you do!"  It is such an important reminder, and one of the driving forces behind Bloom.  At the end of the day, we want everyone to be in love with their job, to find their passion and let their creative hearts bloom.  

We have been so grateful to have befriended one of THE sweetest souls, and owner of the most gorgeous barn in the midwest-- Hydrangea Blu.  This place has become home to Bloom and we are so thankful to have found this little slice of heaven.  

Here are some amazing photos from our friend Jenn Annibel.  Thank you Jenn for capturing the day so beautifully!  Sources for almost everything are below! 

Tomorrow  I will be sharing images once the doors opened and the day began! So stop back by! 

We have to say thank you to West Michigan Rental Company for chairs and furnitureDream State (the creators of the beyond-adorable tote), Lauren of  Elle & Co. for the planners which have become such a huge component as we discuss organization and planning, Shelby from the Day's Design for the gorgeous Blooms (more on that tomomorrow!), Jenny Sanders for the gorgeous calligraphy and watercolor print,  A Blissful Nest for our custom Bloom pencils, Midwest Bride for the delicious hand lotions, Plum Pretty Sugar for the notecards, Brittany Douglas for the cute drink coasters, Little Miss Press for the sweet tattoos, One Stylish Party for the tassles,  Bash Events for the candles (and oh my word, they smell amazing!), Skoope Home for the desk print (make, design, create, do),  Add Vintage for the chalkboard sign,  Paper Sushi for the stamps, The Way We Are for the bracelets, Nothing But Nola for the granola,  and This Loves That for the most amazing color block clutches!  

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A fresh space & new logo!

19 October 2014

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I am so excited to finally be sharing this with you all---  after a few months, the new ASP logo is here!  The amazing and beyond talented Jenny Sanders of Graceline Art made this beauty for me. After a phone conversation where I basically just babbled on and on about the dreams I had for my brand, and where I wanted my photography to go, how I wanted people to feel when they saw my logo...and on, and on, and on, and on....  she gave me this. This PERFECT signature that wraps up every single little detail I told her.  It's honestly kind of amazing and I just want to go get my signature printed on stickers and slap this on every single thing I love.  Of course, adding this new gem to the top of my website didn't look or feel right, so that sparked a little face lift...  3 cans of diet coke, and 2 hours later, the above screenshot is a little sampling of new space on the internet.  I am so happy with it, and I feel like things are starting to gel.

The final piece? THIS journal space---- things are almost done, and a new look is going to be popping up  here soooon.  I am excited to have everything come together and make sense, finally! And thrilled to finally introduce YOU to the next chapter!

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Jared & Lori | Married

18 October 2014

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Jared and Lori.  What do you say about two of the coolest, most down to earth people you've ever met?  I can't tell you how much I adore these two-- from the start they have been so easy to work with, and so FUN to be around.  Their wedding day was slightly overcast, but the rain held out long enough for us to get all of our photos outdoors before the ceremony.  Witnessing Jared see Lori for the first time was one of the most special moments-- its a moment that never gets less emotional for me-- to see a man, that is so in love with his almost wife. Wedding days like this are the best-- when all the details come together, and when the couple is perfect for each other, and the people are perfect to work with. I'd say I am pretty lucky to be doing this as my job; and more than that I would say that Jared and Lori are so lucky to have reconnected. After high school, Jared's time with the marines, and just navigating life in general, they found each other again, at the perfect time and I believe with all my heart they are going to live happily ever after. So congratulations the newlyweds!  Here are some of my favorites from their day!

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