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Places To Eat...In LA

18 March 2012

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7th & Grand, Downtown LA 

Friday night it was rainy, drizzly and dreary and we thought it would be the perfect time to head downtown LA to do a semi-fancy dinner.  A friend recommended this place and when she mentioned their macaroons I knew we had to go. I have never had a macaroon before and at 26, I figured it was time to check that off the list!  So we headed out to battle the 405 traffic and an hour (and 8 miles) later we were there!  As soon as we walked in we saw rows and rows of rainbow colored macaroons and beautifully hand crafted desserts.  Talk about sweetness overload!  I couldn't get enough...I mean, look at these!

macaroons including rose, earl grey tea, lilac, strawberry, salted caramel, vanilla and pistachio.

they were baking up fresh breads, pastries and things I have only ever read about. 

The ambience in the restaurant was amazing, every kitchen was open so you could watch the chefs preparing the foods.  In the back two open stoves burned as a few guys shoveled pizzas in and out.
I had a hard time with the menu because I wanted to try every single little thing.  But finally I decided on Seared Ahi Tuna.

The tuna was seared to perfection and the bean paste was interesting and super tasty.  The heirloom tomatoes were slightly tangy and paired beautifully with the tuna and bean.  I gave this dish a 10/10.

Husband chose a pasta dish.  Our waiter explained that his dish was cooked in a special way-- they lay the braised rib-eye over uncooked pasta and let the juice from the meat semi-soften and cook the noodles.  The result was a crunchy dish heavy on smoky beefy flavor.  It did not disappoint either! Husband gave this dish an 8/10.  He said it would have been nice if some of the noodles were softer and not all crunchy, but it was still delicious.

husband's beer & my moscato d'asti 
For dessert we ordered some macaroons-- DUH-- and a macchiato. 
so pretty.

cupcakes; via


drooling. I wanted everything.

oh yeah, the sell chocolates too...

and these sweet little berry tartlets, which I wanted to devour. 

Our waiter was knowledgable, friendly, and although there was a wait we were seating within 15 minutes.  Everything we ordered was amazing.  Our only complaint was that it is extremely loud.  We literally couldn't talk to each other across the table at certain points.  A lot of that has to do with the architecture, and its a small price to pay for the amazing cuisine.  Overall this restaurant gets a 9/10 in our book! If you are in LA, go try it!

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  1. oooh that ahi tuna looks SO good. So so good.

  2. I ate there once years was delish!! Thanks for posting and reminding me. I'll have to go back. The ahi looks so yummy.

  3. your husbands dish sounds pretty cool... and delicious. places like this really need to start having sampler platters of all their goodies... that way we would get a taste of everything we would want instead of struggling to decide!

  4. MMMM I love food pics. Especially ones that look as great as these do. Wonderful job snapping the drool-worthy photos. It looks like it was a delightful time!

  5. WOW Ash, this looks incredible! All of those macaroons are making me drool. I'd be so fascinated to try the early grey tea flavored ones :)

    Both of your dinners look amazing!


  6. My pallet can't usually handle "fancy food" but this looks so delicious! Especially the desserts, macaroons are beautiful!

  7. Those macaroons are stunning! Looks like a great date night :)

  8. I am so glad you enjoyed it! It is kind of loud but worth it. Reading this post makes me want to go back now.

  9. I've never even tried a macaroon... that's pretty much committing a sin in blog world, eh? :)

  10. omg all those desserts look amazing!! I've never had macaroons before, they look so good!

  11. loved all your pics! i just tried macaroons this year too - so yummy and different!

    that place looks awesome! i love that you can watch the chefs in the kitchen.

    oh and i had moscato this weekend and i am IN LOVE!! so yummy!

    julie and I totally think we need to plan a weekend with the three of us sometime soon!!

    Happy monday chica!

  12. A friend just told me about this place and how incredible their macaroons are! I definitely need to check it out now! Thank you for your fantastic review! It was really helpful!!! xo

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  14. I haven't had any macaroons before either and i'm 25. One day!! I still feel like a kid at times. But I love the color in your photos. Do you own those professional cameras??

  15. What is a macaroon? At 26, I should probably know that, but I don't lol!


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